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  1. Ye Big Politics Thread

    04 May 2019 - 02:03 PM

    I've been considering making a Danish Politics thread, because Denmark is about to have two elections and also just because Scandinavian Politics often seems so different from the us vs them mentality of the US Politics thread.

    But I think a catch all thread for big and small events could prove useful. Could call it World Politics but I'm sticking with the Malazan Forums Ye Big franchise name.


    Denmark is about to start both a European and a National Election. The Priminister will likely set the election date for the National election Wednesday at the latest.

    Which makes for an interesting 3-4 weeks. National and European elections tend to meld into a debate about national identity, immigrants and lawmaking. Which is water on the right wings mill. Only because of Brexit and because of the climate the right wing is on wobly legs, made more so by a surge of fringe parties popping up this year.

    We're going to have 12-13 eligible parties for the national election this year and the newest ones are all variations of right wing politics.

    The right wing is really turbulent now. The main left wing party, Social Demokraterne, has been stealing the immigration policy of the big nationalist party on the right, Dansk Folkeparti, in an effort to bleed them and there by weaken the strongest support of the main Right party, Venstre.

    Meanwhile an even more right wing nationalist party called Ny Borgerlige, has popped up, because the nationalists in Denmark aren't racist enough. So they're also bleeding Dansk Folkeparti. Also DF have just been fucking up in general for a year now themselves so they look terrible.

    And the past month a guy called Rasmus Paludan has been making waves by running around Copenhagen throwing Korans on the ground, setting them on fire, rubbing them in pigs fat, etc. And his party Stram Kurs, is likely going to get a seat in our parliament for the simple reason that people support his right to be an asshole.

    Then you have a disgraced finance guy, a convicted embezzler and fraudster, who's doing the Trump thing, promising to tax global businesses, lower our taxes and change our parliament because he knows how to fix Denmark, he's named his own party after himself, Klaus Riskjśr Partiet. Edit: Their platform is financial and cultural, not immigration. They could swing left or right.

    Danish Politics are going to get weird for the next month.

    Edit: I should add that everyone is expecting this to be the year that Denmark swings left, maybe heavily, and Social Demokraterne gets back the power but it's all really tenuous.

    Denmark, a traditionally socialist liberal nation, has had a right wing government for the past 4 out of 5 terms. 16 out of 20 years.

    But Immigration and nationalism gets a lot of focus now, which is why Social Demokraterne is taking a hard stance on immigration.

    This in turn is souring a lot of people who voted socialist on Social Demokraterne. It's uncertain whether the other left wing parties will work together with a party that's this hardline on immigration and human rights.

    Not to mention that Social Demokraterne has a very ugly relationship with Denmark's journalists and they're refusing to take ownership of their mistakes.

    Personally I have no idea who to vote for. I might vote Enhedslisten, the most far left party or I might vote Klaus Riskjśr just for the lulz.
  2. Gene Wolfe 1931-2019

    15 April 2019 - 04:50 PM

    Gene Wolfe has passed away.

    Never read any of his works. Now might be the time.

    What books would you recommend?
  3. E3 2019

    05 April 2019 - 05:24 AM

    E3 is still a few months away but news and speculation is already building up.


    E3 is hosted each year by the Entertainment Software Association. It's traditionally an industry specific expo but it's also the biggest media event of the year for video games. In the days leading up to the show floor opening, conferences and special events will be held and new and old games will be revealed.

    This year is an important transition for the ESA, Sony has pulled out of the show which is a landmark in a trend that has been building for years now. Sony, EA and Nintendo are all doing events or presentations around E3 but aren't at the venue.

    Big companies are seriously assessing whether E3 is still worth their time in an age where business and marketing has changed significantly.

    This is also the last year for E3s contract in Los Angeles so a different, maybe smaller venue may happen, but then again there's the growing focus on public attendance.

    A big wild card this year will be Google and their streaming solution called Stadia. Will they have a big presence? How will they market themselves? Google exclusives?

    So far four companies have announced press conferences: Bethesda, PC Gamer, Ubisoft and Devolver.

  4. Mouse!

    24 March 2019 - 09:06 AM

    I never realized what a Tibetan Mastiff or Temple Foo dog looks like.

    Look at this thing! It's amazing!

  5. Witness the dawn of a new age

    19 March 2019 - 07:41 AM

    This may be the end of humanity as we know it (Sorta NSFW)

    Has science gone too far? Or not far enough?


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