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  1. In Topic: 2020 Malazan Re-read: Deadhouse Gates

    Today, 04:06 PM

    I'm on page 578 of the Kindle edition and I've run into a timeline curiousity. Icarium and company discover a first empire city that Icarium destroyed long ago. The machine is 94.000 years old. Granted the city may have been destroyed at a much later date but there was a city that worshipped the seven holies then. But we also know from MOI that the first empire or a precursor existed during Kallor's reign roughly 130.000 thousand years ago. And the we have Heboric earlier in the book, where his conpanions shelter in a burried city, remarking that the fruits were a different color 9.000 years ago. Which one assumes was when they city fell to the beast ritual.

    At this point I honestly don't have any clue when what happened when. Did the 7 Cities and their rulers exist for a hundred thousand years? Did their memory and religion just get passed along for a hundred thousand years? If so where the hell are they now? Clearly there's still worshippers that should be feeding the idea of their godhood.
  2. In Topic: The game I'm playing is...

    Today, 03:10 PM

    The trailers for Death Stranding are like the marketing for Metal Gear 5. It's a highlight reel of the most potent scenes in the game but what you see in those trailers is all there really is. There's no cohesion and poor writing and directing mares Death Strandings narrative.

    Still, the gameplay, just like MGS5 is stellar. I'd love to play a game where Kojima is the creative director and a lead writer but the game itself is handled by somebody from Naughty Dog or Santa Monica studios.
  3. In Topic: The game I'm playing is...

    Today, 02:19 PM

    Clicking start and skip quickly became an instictive reaction every time an animation began in Death Stranding.
  4. In Topic: Death Stranding

    Today, 02:16 PM

    Have you sailed to the big map yet?

    If you've made it that far and haven't been hooked then I'd probably give up.

    Edit: also pro-tip you can skip animations by pressing start and skip.
  5. In Topic: 2020 Malazan Re-read: Deadhouse Gates

    Today, 11:35 AM


    A lone horn wailed its mournful note. ‘Waiting’s over,’ Chenned said with obvious relief. ‘Save me a patch of grass when you go down, gentlemen.’ Duiker watched the two Seventh captains depart. He’d not heard that particular send-off in a long time. ‘Chenned’s father was in Dassem’s First Sword,’ Lull said. ‘Or so goes the rumour – even when names are swept from official histories, the past shows its face, eh, old man?’

    So Chenned's father was in the first sword? Another interesting detail.


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    17 Jul 2019 - 19:21
    Here's to another 100!
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    17 Jul 2018 - 19:37
    I dont feel a day over 75.
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    16 Jul 2018 - 11:38
    100 today you old bastard! I always thought you were in great shape for a centenarian.
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    23 Nov 2016 - 06:54
    I think you need therapy and probably some kind of medical treatment, Mal. How boring is your daily existence that you find it imperative to jump on this forum every few weeks and pick a fight with people?
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    23 Nov 2016 - 06:48
    you got somehting to say? because I'm about done with this bullshit
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    16 Oct 2016 - 17:02
    I feel blessed with your presence
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    22 Sep 2016 - 00:11
    Where do you get off telling me to 'tone it down'? Fuck you man, I stood up for you when all of the staff was against you. I gave you the 'Wheelchairs of War' in defiance of censorship. In short, I backed you when you said unpopular thihgs. Do better.
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    16 Jul 2014 - 08:19
    Huh, apparently you were BORN. Well, there goes that theory. Happy birthday Hamlet. Tell Mary I said hi. ;)
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    14 Jun 2014 - 23:24
    Your rep is out of fucking control. I'm going to start neg-repping you to bring you back to the standard deviation.
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    02 Feb 2013 - 21:08
    *fires 21 gun salute*
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    16 Jul 2012 - 04:57
    Happy birthday, Apt.
    Just this once, you win. ^_^
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