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Jul 11 2012 03:18 AM

's Photo
  Apr 12 2013 12:13 AM
why won't you come and play with me?

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  1. Photo


    21 Feb 2012 - 13:06
    Ah yes, Jon Stewart.
  2. Photo


    21 Feb 2012 - 13:05
    You really should have your own segment on Colbert or that other guy's show, the name of whom currently escapes me.
  3. Photo


    21 Feb 2012 - 04:51
    Yeah. In my defence, I was feeling really unwell and just didn't have the energy to keep my manners up.
  4. Photo

    Whiskey Bass 

    13 Aug 2011 - 03:02
    cheers for the rep worrywort
  5. Photo


    14 Jul 2011 - 08:17
    Dude, you constantly make me laugh with that dry humor of yours. I think I would enjoy a drink and a chat with you. At a strip club.
  6. Photo

    Gust Hubb 

    06 Jun 2011 - 01:36
  7. Photo

    Benidas Sengar 

    08 Mar 2011 - 22:43
    Glad to hear it. No skin off my nose, sarcasm is one of my favorite tools. I also saw that tea party video, touché my friend.
  8. Photo

    Benidas Sengar 

    08 Mar 2011 - 21:17
    Hey worrywort,
    I have been off the site for a while and I saw our little back and forth on your hate group topic. I feel I was unjustified in starting a debate that had nothing to do with the topic in the first place and for that I am sorry. Further more, I wanted to let you know I am on this site because I'm a huge SE fan, not to start feuds with other fans. I hope to bury the hatchet...
  9. Photo


    01 Aug 2010 - 07:48
    Thank you kindly, ma'am.
  10. Photo


    01 Aug 2010 - 01:18
    I've been really enjoying your posts on the Discussion forum. You're very well-spoken. A+
  11. Photo


    15 Jun 2010 - 07:27
    Man you are on a roll in the Discussion board today. You should do political stand-up.
  12. Photo


    12 Apr 2010 - 20:46
    Been really enjoying your posts. Nice to see a new poster who isn't constantly whining about the latter books being boring and full of thought. God forbid entertainment contain depth!
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