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Patrick Dickson's Photo

Patrick Dickson  Just some of my favorite quotes from the first couple books and don't worry they don't spoil anything. Deadhouse Gates, Book 2 'For the rest of my days,' Lull sighed,'I'll know Gesler as the man who broke his nose to spite his face.'

Jun 21 2020 04:12 PM

Patrick Dickson's Photo
Patrick Dickson  Jun 21 2020 04:14 PM
"Turn right, proceed thirty-four paces, turn right again, twelve paces, then through door on the right, thirty-five paces, through archway on right another eleven paces, turn right one last time, fifteen paces, enter the door on the right.'

Mappo stared at Iskaral Pust.

The High Priest shifted nervously.

'Or,' the Trell said, eyes narrowed,'turn left, nineteen paces.'

'Aye,' Iskaral muttered.

Mappo strode t...
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SporadicSmiles  I'm back, apparently.

Feb 25 2020 08:35 PM

Light's Photo

Light  Your blood is no armour against me.

Feb 07 2020 10:02 PM

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Gem Windcaster  Well, I said I'd be back...

Apr 30 2019 01:57 AM

Terez's Photo

Terez  I miss y'all sometimes

Jan 27 2019 11:29 AM

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Kellanveds_Herald  Kellanved GIVES ME LIFE!

Jan 15 2018 12:40 AM

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pyro66equine  file:///C:/Users/Ash/Documents/Downloads/Software/Networking Tools/Google Chrome App`s/Chrome_version/1966 CHINESE ZODIAC ā€“ FIRE HORSE/fire_horse_by_kirby6123-d34jcps.jpg

Nov 15 2017 05:39 PM

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jamesholver9  Hi))))

Jun 27 2017 07:29 AM

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Circle-Breaker  Currently busy readin OST

Jun 26 2017 07:57 AM

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Shakiba  genabackis

Jun 05 2017 11:44 AM

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LadyMTL  I miss having friends.

Jan 24 2017 05:30 PM

Embrasure of Folly's Photo

Embrasure of Folly  How the hell do groups work

Dec 05 2016 07:56 AM

Kruppe of Darujhistan's Photo

Kruppe of Darujhistan  Briefing for a Descent Into Hell <---best title ever

Oct 23 2016 05:06 AM

Anasūrimbor Inrilatas's Photo

Anasūrimbor Inrilatas  Read The Second Apocalypse by R.Scott Bakker.

Oct 14 2016 08:54 PM

Anasūrimbor Inrilatas's Photo
Anasūrimbor Inrilatas  Oct 14 2016 08:54 PM
It is the best series ever... Even better than Malazan.
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Empress Bea  ga ja!

Sep 27 2016 05:28 AM