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Patrick Dickson  Just some of my favorite quotes from the first couple books and don't worry they don't spoil anything. Deadhouse Gates, Book 2 'For the rest of my days,' Lull sighed,'I'll know Gesler as the man who broke his nose to spite his face.'

Jun 21 2020 04:12 PM

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Patrick Dickson  Jun 21 2020 04:14 PM
"Turn right, proceed thirty-four paces, turn right again, twelve paces, then through door on the right, thirty-five paces, through archway on right another eleven paces, turn right one last time, fifteen paces, enter the door on the right.'

Mappo stared at Iskaral Pust.

The High Priest shifted nervously.

'Or,' the Trell said, eyes narrowed,'turn left, nineteen paces.'

'Aye,' Iskaral muttered.

Mappo strode t...