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  1. In Topic: COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus, aka 2019-nCoV)

    Yesterday, 04:30 AM

    The Vatican Old Guard are hoping the Pope will get it and die so they can say it was God's will because the Pope was too nice and then elect another Pope Sidious.
  2. In Topic: Oh gods when will Peace Talks get here?

    Yesterday, 03:45 AM

    Kiln People
  3. In Topic: Current state of this Forum

    Yesterday, 03:38 AM

    You know what this means ...

    NERD FIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Winner get this as their walk on song:

  4. In Topic: COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus, aka 2019-nCoV)

    27 March 2020 - 01:42 PM

    Oh, NOW he likes the NHS ...

    In his video address, Mr Johnson said his condition was “mild” and he had a “temperature and a persistent cough.”

    “And, on the advice of the Chief Medical Officer, I’ve taken a test. That has come out positive.”

    “So I am working from home. I’m self-isolating. And that’s entirely the right thing to do. But be in no doubt that I can continue, thanks to the wizardry of modern technology, to communicate with all my top team to lead the national fightback against coronavirus.

    “And I want to thank everybody who’s involved, I want to thank, above all, our amazing NHS staff. It was very moving last night to join in that national clap for the NHS.

    “But it’s not just the NHS, it’s our police, our social care workers, teachers, everybody who works in schools, DWP staff.

    “I want to thank everybody who’s working to keep our country going through this epidemic. And we will get through it. And the way we’re going to get through it is, of course, by applying the measures that you’ll have heard so much about.

    “And the more effectively we all comply with those measures, the faster our country will come through this epidemic and the faster we’ll bounce back.

    “So thank you to everybody who’s doing what I’m doing, working from home, to stop the spread of the virus from household to household.

    “That’s the way we’re going to win, we’re going to beat it, and we’re going to beat it together.

    “Stay at home, protect the NHS, and save lives.”
  5. In Topic: COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus, aka 2019-nCoV)

    26 March 2020 - 09:57 PM

    Living la vida Corona.

    Coronapool - one side of me thinks that's cynical and grim as all fuck, but the other side says ... someone in health/testing/law enforcement. And I hope hope hope we get through this with zero.

    Stay safe frontliners, you magnificent bastards. :)

    I'm sure there's a website tracking celebrity infections. Maybe TMZ. :p


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    Gust Hubb 

    29 Feb 2020 - 00:40
    Thanks for the B-day wishes.
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    14 Feb 2020 - 21:56
    A day early, but thank you for the birthday wishes!
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    14 Feb 2020 - 05:52
    Thank you for the Bday wishes! appreciated :)
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    Gem Windcaster 

    08 Feb 2020 - 11:22
    Thanks for the birthday wishes. <3 Have a great weekend.
  5. Photo


    07 Feb 2020 - 23:27
    Tsundoku, eh? Those poor books. 'Tis a crime! :p
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    28 Jan 2020 - 00:34
    Thank you for the wish!
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    14 Jan 2020 - 14:03
    The years certainly go fast! Thanks!
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    18 Dec 2019 - 04:53
    Thanks! It was decent!
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    12 Dec 2019 - 15:20
    Who wakes me from my slumber?
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    21 Nov 2019 - 01:05
    Thanks for the bday wishes :)
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    12 Nov 2019 - 13:06
    Thank you!
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    13 Oct 2019 - 13:14
    Thanks for the birthday rep :D
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    Centzon Totochtin 

    19 Sep 2019 - 09:32
    There will be no attending! :P
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    15 Aug 2019 - 23:39
    Wait, crap, I had already thanked you! Belated thanks revoked :P
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    15 Aug 2019 - 23:38
    Very belated thanks for the birthday wishes!
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