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  1. In Topic: Political Comedy starring world leaders and local idiots

    07 June 2022 - 12:30 PM

    View Postworry, on 06 June 2022 - 03:28 AM, said:

    You meant all the other stuff I followed it with too, that wasn't me editorializing.

    Yep, all of it 😁
  2. In Topic: Political Comedy starring world leaders and local idiots

    05 June 2022 - 11:49 PM

     worry, on 05 June 2022 - 09:56 PM, said:

    I think Whisp means when adjusted for inflation, which is true, gas has definitely been higher. Which isn't to say it doesn't suck for most people, since along with artificially inflated gas prices we have artificially limited incomes. And by artificial I don't just mean manmade, since these are all manmade systems, but additional willful and deliberate thumbs on the scale. Just kinda funny how this one coincides with what seems to be a global war on democratic norms by lowest common denominator populist kleptocrats. Makes one wonder, perhaps, where along the political spectrum our world's esteemed oil cartels typically align.

    Correct, that is what I meant
  3. In Topic: Political Comedy starring world leaders and local idiots

    05 June 2022 - 02:04 AM

    The price of gas has been higher before, and we're all still driving cars.
  4. In Topic: Whats making you happy right now

    01 June 2022 - 02:29 AM

    Make friends with them and maybe they'll bring you into their bunkers/private island fortresses when the collapse happens!
  5. In Topic: The Star Wars MegaThread

    30 May 2022 - 05:44 AM

    Lil' Leia is a charm to watch. I want her to partner up with Grogu!

    And I wonder at what point between now and Rebels the Grand Inquisitor gets his head elongated...



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    12 May 2022 - 06:38
    happy another birthday
  2. Photo


    11 May 2020 - 21:28
    hippo birdy two ewes
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    16 Aug 2019 - 08:43
    You're doubly polite :)
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    12 May 2019 - 01:08
    Happy birthday.
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    15 Aug 2010 - 02:48
    Undervolting isn't something I've ever done myself, it's one of those things that really isn't that useful in the broader sense.
    It can reduce your power usage quite a lot, but at the same time it takes a huge bite out of your performance, just like underclocking. It's also, as far as I'm aware, somewhat risky as you're playing with the power supplied to your C...
  6. Photo


    09 Aug 2010 - 21:58
    Westchester County is about 2 hours and 45 minutes from Albany. I don't know where you're getting 4 hours from.
  7. Photo


    09 Aug 2010 - 02:31
    If by close, you mean two hours and change away, then yes, Syracuse is close. Just as close as Westchester County is. Have fun at 'Cuse.
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    09 Aug 2010 - 01:54
    I'm around Albany, so upstate.
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    09 Jun 2010 - 16:29
    I'm a Google search professional. I have 4 degrees on it, but I still suck on the creativity part. I was never good at doing anything visual, hence my incredibly ugly face.
  10. Photo


    09 Jun 2010 - 16:14
    Which one, precisely? Lately people have been taking my jokes too seriously.
  11. Photo


    08 Jun 2010 - 15:51
    They are all very nice. Do you use Photoshop to do those or something else?
    I gave up trying to do any kind of visual design years ago, I finally understood that it requires talent, which I don't have.
  12. Photo


    08 Jun 2010 - 03:13
    Are the images on your DevianART page all made by you?
    They look incredible.
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