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  1. Jhistal/forge thoughts

    08 April 2023 - 08:41 PM

    Spoilers below

    So this is the 4th book and probably the biggest in terms deviation from the main series. One of the criticisms of ICE previously has been he does well with characters and settings that don't have a fleshed out history as he's better at building his own world.

    In terms of initial thoughts-

    The jhistal cult- the politicking showing the rise to power was interesting. I did find the high priestess fleeing then getting captured twice a bit long winded. There also wasn't much of a focus on the mechanics of the jhistal cult either, which has been built as a dreaded cult stemming from the nameless ones. The Bugg cameo was good but he seems to leave his imprisonment then take working an undertakers in Lether in quick sucesion to meet Tehol. Also I didn't find there was much of a reveal when the crate was found, I was expecting a bit more. Rel is clearly going to be established in 7C, and there's mention of him having contacts there, so will appear in the next book and the suggestion he brought down his own cult by providing information is interesting, though it may have been opportunistic. Given what we know in the god is not willing he seems to be a pretty efficient ruler but its likely the witness trilogy will tie in with the late empire bits we've had inferred in the past.

    The andii- this was a strange plot and the introduction of feral was interesting. I can't recall her involvement before now (maybe one of the assasin party in gotm?) so perhaps she'll be fleshed out going forward. The epilogue to the God is not willing makes reference to Ferals challenge in Darujhistan. The andii seem to have been living on moonspawn very high up and not involved in some time. I would like an answer to toppers parentage. There seems to be some sort of incitement of kellenved vs the elder races which may be the draw of luring the andii back to the world, there is a reference to moonspawn withdrawing above quon tali. Rake gives this speech about what would he actually be protecting with the Andii in the clouds in later books, about protecting a particular point of view rather than them actually being involved, so it's interesting to maybe see the bones of this.

    The KCCM hoverkeep- this I found to be the worst plot unfortunately. The fact the KCCM appear here and then dujek and thousands of veterans had fought the KCCM and kell hunters, and this is never mentioned, is a heavy retcon from MOI. The plotline with the broken jaghut suffering an offence didn't really wash with me (there was also a timeline issue as he alleges this happened before the shipwrecked crew were born but we see this in DL maybe 10-15 years prior) and the motivations and mechanics of him superseding a hibernating hive of KCCM was underdeveloped. This long plot I found clashed with alot of established lore, which meant I found it difficult to get into and the fact a KCCM hive is in the heart of the empires mainland under the care of the Jheck was a bit of a reach. The actual plot and seeing the inside of a KCCM keep was interesting but again we don't actually know anymore, and I don't think it was explained why the kell hunters were ill or whether that was why they were in hibernation ( was there more to this point?)

    They also completely side step the Korel campaign but I guess the bones of that we know from stone wielder.

    Crimson guard- I don't feel like this added a huge amount, especially with the overlap with the old guard. There is clearly a divide in the guard but I don't feel like a huge amount was added. I was surprised they killed off haraj (sp) from KR but other than that not a huge amount added.

    Aren champion- again I found this plot a bit light. Its essentially a guy who can't get his boat fixed and fills his time fighting people on the beach. The next book is set up for the 7 cities campaign so he will clearly be a surgen ress (yghatan champion who temper fights) type of figure with the champions culture still being prevalent. This should be interesting going forward and I think the campaign for genabackis is announced in the gotm prologue with ICE saying his ascendancy books will go up to the siege of pale so its likely he'll show up again
    We've obviously got NOK and the northern Genabackis bits have been touched upon previously so it covers the meat of it.

    Apologies for the above being a bit scattered. I have read the ascendancy books in the past, not enjoyed them for small discrepancies of the lore but enjoyed them upon reread for what they are. However I feel like this one can't be explained away and I found it jarring. I hope people enjoyed it however and I am looking forward to the 7C campaign in the next book.

    I have written this on my phone so apologies for any errors. We didn't have a thread other than spoiler guides and waiting for it to come out so this is just to get the ball rolling.


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