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  1. In Topic: Prologue to No Life Forsaken, Vol. 2

    13 November 2023 - 03:15 AM

    I have been listening to the audiobook and have thought of a few powerful Conversions that - hopefully - will happen.
    We have a group of Marines and auxillaries and a group of Teblor and Jheck travelling southward in Genabackis towards Darujhistan. Big surprise (not really).
    The Conversion I want to see is Rant and Stillwater meeting Chaur. Could Benger help Chaur re-connect the broken pathways in his mind?

    Also, Gruff meeting Kruppe; THAT conversation should be an entire volume on it's own.
    Then these three Jaghut being escorted with a trio of Sappers (with FIDDLE broaches!) in 7C might just HAVE to run into Iskarl Pust. Jaghut with Pust and Mogora <shudders>.

  2. In Topic: Abyss is WILLING very very WILLING

    13 November 2023 - 02:28 AM

     Abyss, on 28 February 2023 - 02:58 PM, said:

    Just accidentally reread this thread and now i NEED book 2 dammit.

    ....ah well, maybe a selective reread is in order....

    @Abyss, thank you for recommending the "earbook" version - I actually subscribed to Audible due to this. You are indeed correct, she is a VERY good voice actor.

  3. In Topic: Maybe I'm too dumb to understand but...

    17 October 2023 - 04:03 AM

    Think of it this way - if the Andii had allied with Tavor, they would have combatted both the Edur and the FA.

    That many Soultaken Eleint would -probably- have wiped the floor of the Kolanse forces.

    The way I see it, is the battle at the First Shore was similar to the battle at the Black Gate of Mordor while Frodo and Sam fight the REAL battle.
    If you think about it, all three (four?) battles may have happened simultaneously - First Shore, Kolanse/Spire, Marines/Heavies, Gilk/Tarthenal/Imass/Jaghut, etc. Or so close in time that it doesn't matter. That's quite the convergence.
  4. In Topic: Crazy Theories

    29 September 2023 - 01:51 AM

    After a re-read of FoD, but not yet FoL: QB is actually Enedsia. Hear me out:
    Enesdia was, after her death, raised to High Priestess of Dark by MD. She -could- be one of QB's souls, which would give him access to Elemental Dark, the Spar of Andii, the chutzpa to call out MD, etc...
  5. In Topic: Korabas and the House of Chains

    01 August 2023 - 06:20 PM

    View PostAbyss, on 17 July 2023 - 02:37 AM, said:

    View Postsigpig, on 16 July 2023 - 08:10 PM, said:

    Crap - does that mean that House is now aspected to Otataral?

    Interesting theory... can Otataral even be an aspect in that sense?
    We've seen it can give powers (Rallick, Tavore), and be an influence of sorts (Heboric, but that wore off after a while ), but Korabas is an eleient, she's essentially a link between otataral and pure chaos. A House is meant to restrain or organize within rules... tricky to see how that might fit.
    Or possibly glorious, could go either way.

    Maybe "magic of negation" or some such. Maybe as a "counter" to the other houses.

    Think of the new "Runts" (named after Mappo? We never saw what happened to his soul, as Hood and WJ were a "bit" distracted at the time. I wonder if Icky
    "inadvertantly" caused his soul to Ascend with this name) - could one of them be Otataral on one side, and something involving T'renn on the other?
    Speaking of T'renn, what does K'Rull do now that he's "retired"? Hang-out in his tavern in Darujhistan?


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