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  1. Steven Erikson to start writing Walk in Shadow

    22 July 2020 - 09:43 PM

    On his Facebook page, Erikson has announced that he is ready to begin writing Walk in Shadow. Meanwhile the publishing date for The God is Not Willing has been pushed to 2021.


    News Update: I was informed yesterday that it will be at least a year before The God is Not Willing is released. Normally, it's during the first year of the book's release that I write the next one in the series. Accordingly, by my albeit twisted logic, I have a free year starting about now. Time enough, I should think, to write Walk in Shadow. As it turns out, I wrote the prologue quite some time ago. I opened that document and read it over and was fine with it, so I include it here as a peek preview. Fortunately, it's short. One last thing: though this little prologue was written years ago (right after delivering the ms of Fall of Light), the topic seems ... timely.

    Walk in Shadow

    There will be peace. There will be justice. There will be truth. Such laudable assertions. But consider the caveats. By this and with that, my conscience will be at peace. By this blade and by my righteousness, there will be justice. By my eye, by my will, by my fierce proclamation, there will be truth.
    Vows are nothing without power. I am the tyrant of my own soul. You, dear friend, are the same. We rule from strength and we rule from weakness. We array our defenses. We launch our assaults. We stumble across a blasted landscape littered with the wailing mayhem of our thoughts, fears, hopes, desires and dreads. We walk a bounteous garden and feel no better than imposters, interlopers soon to be found out, driven away by our host of secret (not-so-secret) crimes.
    Do you trust your inner world? You'd be a fool to do so. The voice in our head offers naught but an endless argument, employing every trick of debate honorable and dishonorable and sly misdirection, deflection and evasion. It is the master of the lie, the mistress of delusion, the lord and lady of pretend. It is the wounded child and the bitter old man. It is whatever it needs to be to win the argument.
    But this voice. It does not belong to your soul. It escaped that blessed womb long ago, fled all familiarity, and would make of its new world something perfect. Something at peace. Something bright with justice. Something bold with truth.
    If only the world would oblige.
    The soul knows better.
    But we stopped listening long ago and besides, its cry is less than faint with the distance between us.
    When the last tyrant falls (the one within you), there will be peace. When the last army casts aside its weapons, there will be justice. When the last voice falls silent, there will be truth.
    The soul knows this. It has always known this.

    Now, let us watch a world tear itself apart, in search of a soul it never heeded in the first place.


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