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  1. In Topic: Moby

    16 October 2021 - 10:46 PM

    According to the Encyclopedia Malazica this question was asked of Erikson in a reader Q&A on this very forum in 2003. (The link to the forum page no longer works, so I assume it got nuked in a past forum meltdown?)

    The question no longer exists, but the answer was:


    Is Moby the same as Trout sen Bhokarala? If by this you ask, are they the same species, then yes. Sort of. Moby is a demon, after all, whereas Trout was a D'ivers. The form is the same, if not the substance.
  2. In Topic: Erikson has started writing THE GOD IS NOT WILLING (Toblakai Trilogy Book 1)

    06 October 2021 - 01:04 PM

    Gorefest said:

    Huh? It has been out for months.

    Sure, if you live in the UK. For the US it's always been November unless you buy an imported copy.
  3. In Topic: Erikson has started writing THE GOD IS NOT WILLING (Toblakai Trilogy Book 1)

    06 October 2021 - 04:29 AM

    FYI: The God is Not Willing is going to be a little late in the US. Erikson's US publisher's website now shows November 16 instead of November 9 as the publishing date.
  4. In Topic: The Jhistal

    30 June 2021 - 04:52 PM

    About five minutes into this April 2021 Critical Dragon interview ICE says he's still writing the book and plans to have it completed and turned over to the publisher this summer. So I agree it's just the initial publishing date that has been cancelled and a new date will be announced in the future.
  5. In Topic: The Jhistal

    29 June 2021 - 09:36 PM

    Tor doesn't do themselves any favors with the US editions being publishing months after the books come out in the UK. Maybe it's a just drop in the bucket, but they're losing the North American uberfans to Book Depository and the like.


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