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  1. In Topic: Forge of the High Mage News

    01 October 2022 - 07:36 PM

    Ituralde on the Malazan wiki noticed that Penguin has posted the cover and book summary:

    Posted Image


    After decades of warfare, Malazan forces are now close to consolidating the Quon Talian mainland. Yet it is at this moment that Emperor Kellanved orders a new campaign far to the north: the invasion of Falar.

    Since the main Malazan armies are otherwise engaged in Quon Tali, a collection of orphaned units and broken squads has been brought together under Fist Dujek - himself recovering from the loss of an arm - to fight this new campaign. A somewhat rag-tag army, joined by a similarly motley fleet under the command of the Emperor himself.

    There are however those who harbour doubts regarding the stewardship of Kellanved and his cohort Dancer, and as the Malazan force heads north, it encounters an unlooked-for and most unwelcome threat - unspeakable and born of legend, it has woken and will destroy all who stand in its way. Most appalled by this is Tayschrenn, the untested High Mage of the Empire. He is all-too aware of the true nature of this ancient horror - and his own inadequacy in having to confront it. Yet confront it he must, alongside the most unlikely of allies . . .

    And then the theocracy of Falar is itself far from defenceless - its priests are in possession of a weapon so terrifying it has not been unleashed for centuries. Named the Jhistal, it was rumoured to be a gift from the sea-god Mael. But two can play at that game, for the Emperor sails towards Falar aboard his flagship Twisted - a vessel that is itself thought to be not entirely of this world . . .

    Here, then, in the tracts of the Ice Wastes and among the islands of Falar, the Empire of Malaz faces two seemingly insurmountable tests - each one potentially the origin of its destruction . . .
    These are bloody, turbulent and treacherous times for all caught up in the forging of the Malazan Empire.
  2. In Topic: Forge of the High Mage News

    16 July 2022 - 11:42 PM

    Forge of the High Mage is now being listed with a 6 April 2023 publishing date in the UK by Penguin. Still no sign of it on Tor's publishing schedule.

    Publisher summary:


    This volume develops and details the Malazan expansion into the Falari Peninsula region. Kellanved and Dancer, impatient with the slow and methodical consolidation of the continent of Quon Tali, are up to no good and embroil the Malazan forces in an uprising against the ruling Theocracy of Falar.

    These priests have maintained power over all the many islands through the threat of their terror-weapon: the dread 'Jhistal' . . .

    Here readers will discover just what this weapon is, meet a younger Mallick Rel and find out just how the Malazans took the region into their grip.

  3. In Topic: COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus, aka 2019-nCoV)

    10 June 2022 - 03:24 PM

    Looks like the monthlong Erikson/Esslemont book tour through France has been interrupted because Erikson picked up Covid.

    Translated by Google from his French publisher's Facebook page.

    June 8


    The Tour is now in Paris, hosted from 7pm in a superb reception room of the town hall of the 5th by Le Nuage Vert! Ian Cameron Esslemont will reveal some secrets of the Malaza universe and will dedicate Dancer's Lament, 1st essential volume of the prequel series to The Book of the Fallen by Steven Erikson... 😉 Steven Erikson will unfortunately be absent due to Covid but all his books bought on site can be signed by him in about ten days. 😉

    June 10


    Today's Lyon stage is unfortunately cancelled by Trollune following Steven Erikson's Covid.

    Get well, Steve!

    The tour is back on.
    June 14


    The tour resumes with the entire team for its final stretch! Meet Steven Erikson and Ian Cameron Esslemont in a few minutes at the Actes Sud Bookstore in Arles!

  4. In Topic: Forge of the High Mage News

    18 March 2022 - 06:58 PM

    ICE confirms the name change in the latest Ten Very Big Books podcast. I think it's kind of an odd name for two reasons. First, it sounds more like an R.A. Salvatore novel--or any D&D fiction title--rather than a Malazan book. But maybe they figure The Jhistal wasn't much of a selling point for a wider audience. Second, it's strange that there will now be two different Malazan books whose titles start with "Forge of". It's already causing me grief when updating the Malazan wiki because the wiki keeps trying to suggest Forge of Darkness.
  5. In Topic: Question about the physical size of GNW hardcover

    21 December 2021 - 11:46 PM

    Erikson did an interview today with Fantasy/Sci-Fi Focus and this topic came up. Apparently it was a surprise to him that the Tor edition was "book club-sized" and he's tried to talk with the publisher about it, but hasn't gotten anywhere with them on it.



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    06 Jan 2022 - 23:44
    Heya, thanks for all the great work you do on the wiki and other info-related stuff.
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