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  1. In Topic: Oh hey

    07 May 2020 - 06:12 PM

    View PostRodeoRanch, on 06 May 2020 - 03:36 AM, said:

    200 some Canadian Geese tried to murder me not more than a week ago.

    Lots of pent up aggression in those birds with everyone self-isolating, fewer targets to attack now.

    Glad to hear you're doing well!
  2. In Topic: Political Comedy starring Donald J. Trump & Co.

    21 November 2019 - 02:37 PM

    I'm afraid not.

    Read Trumpís very large, very strange Sharpie notes on impeachment
  3. In Topic: The USA politics thread -

    21 November 2019 - 02:32 PM

    The hand written notes in HUGE black sharpie (how is there not an aide specifically hired to watch for this crap?), the sudden hospital visit over the weekend for his 'routine' physical (which is months earlier than usual, was not on his itinerary, and does not happen in multiple parts as he's now suggesting), and the odd display of mouthing "Thank you" show he's declining much quicker than they can keep up with.

    Republicans are going to try and avoid this whole impeachment fiasco by crying about Trump's health and how you can't try a sick/dementia'd/dying man. And with the impeachment gone then we have no need to examine all these loose ends everywhere (similar to the Epstein investigation post "suicide") which saves Pence, Pompeo and a host of others. It's the main hope of avoiding losing Pence for Republicans and winding up with President Pelosi. Sondland's testimony plus Trump's expedited decline have sped up the timetable though and they are scrambling. Nunes had the epitome of "WE ARE FUCKED" splashed across his face during testimony yesterday and even Ken fucking Starr said this was a "bombshell day."

    I also wish more was being said on the news about the military having to guarantee the safety of Vindman because of a climate created by their own commander in chief. While Trump has shat on the military in repeated ways throughout his presidency surely this will be one of the final straws for his broader military support?
  4. In Topic: Canadian Politics

    21 October 2019 - 04:56 PM

    Bob Rae was the single worst thing to happen to the NDP so far. For whatever reason the NDP at the provincial level regularly crap the bed. In NS we elected them to a majority only once and their antics were so bad that will likely never reoccur in my lifetime (and I'm just shy of 33!)

    Re: the pipeline, I think I'm one of the few environmentalists who actually agree with the Liberal decision to buy the damn thing. The green movement is so resistant to gradual change, everything needs to be BIG CHANGE and it needs to happen NOW. It's a complete crock, we are too reliant on oil to devest quickly or completely at this juncture. As a result I love that the feds bought the pipeline; with a private company we've seen time and again no accountability for leaks, etc. That won't be the case with the country owning the pipeline. Further still I think they should donate the whole thing to the group of native tribes who's land it passes through. Let them make some profit while also guarding the environment as best as possible. Securing the cleanest possible fuel source should be our countries highest priority followed by devestment. Baby steps are the only way this will happen frankly. That and not selling any more rights to the Chinese (a whole other kettle of fish I won't dive into right now).

    I still haven't fully decided my vote. Like QT I tend towards Liberal, however, for the first time Halifax actually has a recognizable Green party candidate (Joanne Roberts for those who watch CTV news) and I'm torn. Not a huge fan of my current guy (Andy Fillmore) but the Maritimes is all about connections and Fillmore can get more shit done frankly. Im also inclined to help the Liberal vote here because the provincial Liberal party in NS is essentially Harper lite and a travesty. They may go down as our most hated provincial government ever and people here love to tie federal and provincial politics together (I love my neck of the woods but jesus murphy we could do with a smidge less backward attitudes.)

    That's why I throw such shade at parachute candidates. Elizabeth May for example, local MP concerns in rural NS differ vastly from those in an affluent area of BC. She did suffer from much of her campaign being about leadership issues and Canada wide plans but what about her riding? Or Singh's for that matter? They can't have a finger on the pulse of what their electorate want within the district based on such short exposure to the area and people. And it's only ever the party leaders! I don't think these ridings should suffer a lack of attention from their MP just because a party decided their leader would have a more favourable election because of local demographics. It's always those on the left too (recently anyway), it's like, "Oh we're all left leaning progressives so our priorities will align!" Pfffft it's a crock of shit frankly. I will never support someone who won't trust their own neighbours to elect them over strangers they've never met. If you are that passionate then primary your opponent or join a party with an opening to run. Singh really irks me because he claimed for ages he would get elected in Ontario... until he clearly wouldn't and suddenly his position flips and *dusts hands* we're done here!
  5. In Topic: Canadian Politics

    21 October 2019 - 02:29 PM

    Singh has zero chance of winning PM today. I'm expecting a minority Liberal government but who the hell knows anymore. The amount of disinformation this election campaign has been insane. I imagine we'll be having another election within 2 years once the next 'big crisis' emerges.

    The thing that astounds me the most is how poorly each party has chosen their leader for this election. Scheer was a horrible choice for the conservatives, they should have gone with someone not so tied to Harper who could engage with the electorate better (although as a non-Con it delights me they went this route). How he thought his dual Canadian-US citizenship would not come up is beyond me, someone in the campaign staff should have flagged that ASAP and come up with a better response than, "Oh, well, I didn't mention it because no one asked me!" When added to issues like his previous LGBTQ stances it offers way too many points of attack for other political parties. With the NDP I dislike Singh's leadership for the simple fact he became leader without even having a seat in parliament. It's bad enough he spent the first 512 days managing his party from the sidelines but what irks me is that he finally got a seat in BC instead of Ontario. His home province could desperately use a progressive voice right now but gods forbid he honour his pledge to secure a local seat. If no seat was available then them's the breaks, parachuting into a "safe riding" is complete bullshit even though there is a lot of precedent in Canadian political history. I lost an equal amount of respect for Elizabeth May when she did the same thing, I supported her running for office in NS against Peter MacKay as she has roots in the province. But following the election she did the usual thing of running to BC to ensure she got a seat. Personally I'm a big fan of a lot of her work but politics wise I refuse to lionize people who continue using the shame shady political tactics they claim to want to reform.

    Which leads me to Trudeau. Dear gods almighty so much of this shit show has been completely avoidable. I give him credit for owning his mistakes (mostly but not always) as they occur and typically offering clear cut apologies. That being said it's obvious he did not inherit his father's political acumen. SNC-Lavalin was something he could easily have avoided involving himself in despite his personal riding location but he of course had to touch the 3rd rail of Canadian politics in the most boneheaded manner (i.e. prioritizing jobs in Quebec). I think he sincerely relied on the likes of Dominic LeBlanc and has been floundering without his closest friends and allies. He's going to lose a number of seats over his lack of election reform, way more than he will get for going through with pot legalization. If the other parties were fielding better candidates he would be completely fucked and have relegated the Liberals to official opposition again. I will be interested to see if a coalition is formed between the Libs/NDP/Greens as they've suggested, Ruth Ellen Brosseau is still House Leader of the NDP and I'd be shocked if her and her colleagues somehow forget the outrage from 'elbowgate'.

    With any luck Scheer will decisively lose the election and the parties will all shed a lot of baggage from their ranks going forward.


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