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  1. A Lateral Jump of Career

    15 May 2020 - 03:07 PM

    Hello all. So I am at the end of my rope, a burned out medical professional. I cannot keep doing this profession unless I want my life to be shorter than it already is probably. Essentially i need to escape, and knowing the diversity of the forum, I was hoping to get advice and suggestions on how to make a lateral jump (a the economically worst time in recent history).

    My job basically is looking at glass slides with slivers of meat from people who have had a cancer removed or a dead body part removed. Sounds cool I know, and sometimes it is, but the profession as a whole is driven by increasing case volume, cutting costs (usually by minimal staffing and overworking the slide-monkeys), and focus on speed not quality of output. I realize these flaws are pretty much business as usual, and likely I will not escape this capitalist nightmare.

    But here are a few of my favorite things, maybe that can be found in another job or profession? I am essentially a thinker, slow and meticulous, prone to ask why and look before leaping (problem in my current line of work). In the past and present I have enjoyed teaching, especially the tutoring and mentoring of someone learning the ropes of a complex science driven field. I ironically enjoy organization work, my favorite jobs this far being working as a base level librarian assistant and a gopher for quality assurance at a large coffee company. I enjoyed working over and improving product specifications, and in my field, fixing lab manuals and sops. Fuck, I enjoy a well loaded dishwasher and find folding laundry cathartic. So basically. I am a happy desk jockey I guess.

    I am not fond of food service (people are sloppy and don't wash their hands, which freaks me out; also a pressure driven industry) and I decided very early on that scientific research was not for me (I find the hierarchical hypocrisy unbearable in a profession that is promised to be collaboration and rigorous investigation). I am pretty sure I like working with my hands, but never really tried anything beyond a brief stint as a summer dorm painter.

    Jobs always at the back of my head have included trucking (love driving long distances for one), accounting, auto mechanics, construction, and if time travel were possible, returning to that QA job in coffee. I left that job for med school, one of my current biggest regrets.

    Any thoughts welcome, and if you just want to roast me, at least the humor will lighten the shit days I live now.


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    31 Dec 2019 - 14:45
    Another year down. And up. So to speak. Hope yours was a good one, and this one is even better. Happy fake birthday Gusty mate
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    Gust Hubb 

    03 Jan 2019 - 22:18
    Thanks man.
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    01 Jan 2019 - 06:39
    Happy birthday Dr Hubb.
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    03 Sep 2016 - 17:07
    Yebo baba, life has changed a lot but I still have a habit of checking this forum and reading some posts that seem interesting. How are you?
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    13 Oct 2014 - 04:39
    The weird thing is I lurk everyday <>_<> Always here. Always watching. Silent... silent...
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    03 Mar 2014 - 08:34
    There's been a couple of negs, but I'm mainly just agreeing with you and a couple of the others. NFI who Okai is, probably just someone's alt.
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    10 Nov 2013 - 15:43
  8. Photo


    14 Apr 2013 - 04:20
  9. Photo


    14 Apr 2013 - 04:19
    Word up fellow need from across the pond!! It's been a while since I checked in. Thought I'd say hi!!!!
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    Mrs Savagely Wishy Washy 

    04 Mar 2013 - 06:53
    corv=corvus=white crow=silchas ruin. i'm on to you.
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    11 Dec 2012 - 05:01
    Who am I? I am a host of forgotten tomes, lying in tombs. Lyrics lacking cadence, stomping feet with nary a rumble.
    I am the one.
    I am the Archivist and my words shall live forever. This is not a blessing. It is a curse eternal.
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    14 Jul 2012 - 12:06
    My presence will get better my feathered friend i assure you. I have had no internet access recently. In other news the questions are up but i accidentally put them in the wrong forum. Im gonna redo it when i get in so its in the gotm forum and jiggle it round a bit. I hope mrs gh and the barbossa are well
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    03 May 2012 - 22:24
    My first neg rep, I thought I was gonna have to start a war of retribution
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    14 Apr 2012 - 00:22
    Its 1.20 am here and I have work tomorrow. Another time my feathered friend
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    Gust Hubb 

    26 Nov 2011 - 21:38
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