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  1. In Topic: Whats making you happy right now

    22 May 2024 - 01:32 PM

    View PostTheRetiredBridgeburner, on 22 May 2024 - 07:56 AM, said:

    Seeing Bruce Springsteen tonight :D

    I'm going to vote that it's worth the fact that looking at the weather we're going to absolutely drown in the process!

    If it is in Sunderland god help you with the weather it is absolutely mental at the minute.
  2. In Topic: Mark Lawrence thread for all things Mark Lawrence'y'ish

    16 May 2024 - 09:26 PM

    View PostAbyss, on 16 May 2024 - 01:54 PM, said:

    View PostTiste Simeon, on 15 May 2024 - 03:29 PM, said:

    View PostTattersail_, on 14 May 2024 - 09:10 PM, said:

    People, including me love Jorg as a character, but I love Jalan just as much. I wish we got to see more of them together.

    I've lost count of the amount of reread on all my Mark Lawrence books.

    Yes Jorg is great but Jalan is just brilliant.

    thirded, easily.

    If you haven't yet, you should read The New World...


    This is the novella that appeared in omnibus for Jalan and Snorri's trilogy.

    It's a 25,000 word story that takes place after that trilogy and was the start of a sequel I was writing but put aside in favour of other projects.

    It covers a sea voyage to the New World and is a pretty self-contained tale, re-introducing us to the delights of Jalan's cowardly womanising and Snorri's good hearted Viking vibe. If you recall how much Jalan hates boats ... you'll get a sense of what's to come.

    I had great fun writing this one - I hope you'll enjoy the read.

    Nice quick fix!
  3. In Topic: Mark Lawrence thread for all things Mark Lawrence'y'ish

    13 May 2024 - 02:24 PM

    View Postpat5150, on 01 May 2024 - 02:24 PM, said:

    Lots of people thought that guy on Reddit saying that all of Lawrence's works were connected was a total loon until they realized that he was right. So you never know. . . ;)

    It's probably a good job I held back on some of the wilder theories haha!!
  4. In Topic: The game I'm playing is...

    01 May 2024 - 11:22 AM

    Picked up a few games in the PS sales...

    High-Fi Rush which I am really enjoying.

    Also got Live a Live, Double Dragon Gaiden and Octopath Traveler 2.

    Really looking forward to Octopath.
  5. In Topic: Mark Lawrence thread for all things Mark Lawrence'y'ish

    30 April 2024 - 09:26 PM

    View PostAbyss, on 24 April 2024 - 08:19 PM, said:

    View PostMark Lawrence, on 19 April 2024 - 10:25 PM, said:

    View PostAbyss, on 19 April 2024 - 07:33 PM, said:

    View PostAbyss, on 02 April 2024 - 03:09 AM, said:

    View PostMark Lawrence, on 01 April 2024 - 11:01 AM, said:

    And .... I'm back in the room. Been a while!

    It has. Am halfway through Grey Sister and very enjoyed Red Sister. Great books, thank you for them!

    GREY SISTER done, started HOLY SISTER immediately!

    Have fun!

    The short story, Bound, sits between those two books and could be a fun read too!

    Got it, read it, and then Just Finished HOLY SISTER.

    Great trilogy. It was fun, engaging, riveting at times. The world was nicely original, the characters, major and minor, memorable. I read the three books back to back, never considered taking a break, and went straight to THE GIRL AND THE STARS. I genuinely enjoyed this, so Mark, if you bother to check in here again, thanks muchly, this was a great read, am looking fwd to the next three.

    Happy reading! They are great books and I think you'll enjoy them even more not having to wait a year between books!


    I finished the new book a while back, finished it in two sittings so you could say that I enjoyed it. It's not very long, I'd have been happy to read another 200 pages, it's such an intriguing setting...

    My brain kinda exploded when I read a line in the book which sent me down a wormhole, why I haven't posted sooner...


    Actually all ML books just in case...


    Either way, as usual, the wait for the next book will be a killer!!



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    10 Apr 2024 - 11:40
    OK scratch that, I just read your update post. Whoa, that's a bit shit, I'm glad you feel like you're doing better. Feel free to drop me a line whenever about whatever.
    Take it easy mate.
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    10 Apr 2024 - 11:36
    Cheers. Yeah same old same old. Kid is almost in high school so I'm feeling o-l-d. Can't wait for the Mrs to hurry up and win the lottery. Otherwise can't complain. You?
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    13 Feb 2024 - 09:43
    Happy birthday big dog
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    24 Feb 2023 - 23:39
    Yeah not too bad thanks, hope you're doing well too.
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    12 Feb 2023 - 20:13
    happy another one, even if it's a Monday
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    12 Feb 2022 - 14:37
    Happy birthday C-diddy
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    12 Feb 2021 - 23:36
    and again
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    13 Feb 2019 - 10:39
    That time of the year again
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    13 Feb 2018 - 08:10
    Happy birthday
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    25 Dec 2016 - 18:51
    Salutes the Captain!
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    Why not say hello..?
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