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    20 Sep 2021 - 20:02
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    21 Sep 2020 - 03:28
    and again
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    20 Sep 2019 - 19:59
    Happy birthday
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    21 Sep 2012 - 13:43
    Happy Birthday!
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    02 Apr 2010 - 22:07
    eck, comment limits... it continues 'either way its still a great topic idea'
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    05 Mar 2010 - 05:52
    You abstaining from the "What do I Believe in a nutshell thread," Powder?
    Just curious, if you want to be private or non-incendiary I can dig it.
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    11 Feb 2010 - 01:34
    To break up posts into quotes:
    [quote name='Powder']What you said.[/quote]
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    09 Feb 2010 - 02:22
    How do you think I feel listening to you and Terez go in-depth into Biblical verse? Lol. I try not to comment on those because I'm WAY out of my league.
    You do a very good job, it's why I don't bring up a lot of your comments. They're well stated and I can see where you are coming from.
    We might not agree, but as long as there is mutual respect then we c...
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    08 Feb 2010 - 23:11
    I'm not practicing (don't enjoy it), and I have a JD, not a Ph. D. JD is professional equivalent to MD, but there are differences with a Ph. D. Just to clarify.
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    08 Feb 2010 - 16:47
    I'm from the Pentecostals in Sweden, this might say something but i think its elusive to know much just from that. I wouldn't say that i'm like most Charismatics or Pentecostals though.
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    05 Feb 2010 - 17:07
    You're a tall blonde? You are more Swedish than i am then :) (You now bearing all the vikings in mind) I have dark hair and my height is slightly above average. Yeah i'll be happy to do what i can to backup you and ease your burden a little, it's surely needed in this forum. You seem to be doing a great job though, keep it up even if it's gonna be exhausting. But still know that...
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    05 Feb 2010 - 01:39
    hey powder, if i had more time , i would weigh in with a serious post in why do you believe, unfortunatey i aint. be ready for my bullet points ;)
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    02 Feb 2010 - 19:47
    Which seminary are you studying at?
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    02 Feb 2010 - 19:46
    Hi there brother in christ, I've only read your posts in the "why dp you believe in God?" thred but i think your posts are very insightful and good. I trace some influences from William Lane Craig and perhaps even Alvin Plantinga? I'm studying at a Theological Seminary here in Sweden also and i think i picked up in one of your posts that you studied somewhere? Which seminary are...
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    29 Jan 2010 - 19:31
    Irrational, huh? You're not encouraging me to be nice in my response, you know. ;) Also, I somehow doubt I'll get used as a punching bag...your supporters will remain silent for the most part, alas.
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