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  1. In Topic: Malazan Advent Calendar 2023

    01 December 2023 - 02:49 PM

    View Postworry, on 01 December 2023 - 07:43 AM, said:

    Not only is this full of great Malazan fan art, it's also a fun way to find out what day of the week and month it is.

    ...wait... wut?
  2. In Topic: Reading at t'moment?

    01 December 2023 - 03:13 AM

    View PostTiste Simeon, on 23 November 2023 - 07:15 PM, said:

    Abyss you seem to know things, is there any word on the next Aaronovitch full length Peter Grant novel?

    How many organs is it worth to you to know?
  3. In Topic: The Olympian Affair - Cinder Spires bk 2 (also, Warriorborn)

    30 November 2023 - 07:18 PM

    k i love Abby just a little

    ah, we're doing the 'important meeting where everyone important gathers' thing

    Spire Atlantis w its ruling etherialist cabal is intriguing. 'The Spectrum'... hee

    fascinating the amount of time we're spending w Calliope and the Auroran marines angsting about flying around helping Cavendish massacre colonies - REnaldo is sort of an archetype but i like the byplay tween him and his sgt and Sark

    the Auroran duelist Valesko is going to be an absolute asshat and a great villain

    k Bridget, Benedict and Rowl's mission to the surface is at once interesting but also feels like we're just getting them out of the way

    i like Grim and Bayard's friendship. i dont like how Abby is manipulating it tho it is a good plot point

    have to say it again, the visit to the Piker ship is just excellent airship goodness

    Ravena is glorious and Grim deserves her

    heh, i like Findley more and more

    k the Olympian admiral thank Gwen for taking out the silkweaver back in bk 1 was hysterical and totally apropriate.

    the Spectrum Ladies' lunch took some wild turns. Abby and Folly were doing an excellent job til Evil Duelist guy showed up. I loved Abby's response, decking the woman who set her up.

    huh... we are absolutely looking at a situation where Bayard is taken out and Grim has to fight the duel. And I am here for it.

    Ch 27

    Fantasy lit NEEDS more giant praying mantis attacks. This entire sequence was so good. It was obvious something was going to attack them to motivate Far to hand over the territory to the minicats, Butcher spent way too much time on the setup for it not to, but the pay-off was solid. I didn't think Bridget or Ben or Rowl were in real peril, but it wasn't looking good. Also, cats vs giant praying mantises!!!!

    Also, cat politics are great.

    'A Mistmaw'. No clue what that is but i want more of it.

    Ch 28-30

    Ren and Calliope plotting against Cavendish, great. Ren stating 'I will become a pirate.', YES. why are they on the way to Olympia....?

    Yep, Valesko is a problem. That 'practice' duel was as brutal as it had to be to make the point.

    Also setting up the Bayard v Valesko duel cleverly w the side discussion re the aeroport dueling platform. That is some Star Wars level 'big hole to fall down' planning.
  4. In Topic: Whats making you happy right now

    30 November 2023 - 02:21 PM

    View PostMaark Abbott, on 30 November 2023 - 08:49 AM, said:

    View PostAbyss, on 29 November 2023 - 02:40 PM, said:

    View PostMaark Abbott, on 29 November 2023 - 08:53 AM, said:

    Managed to sort my Gamecube stick drift out, turns out the console / controller has an inbuilt calibration system. Nice nice nice.

    Is that next to the ejection seat?

    Nope just on the control pad.

    doesn't that mess up the location of the smoke screen and beverage dispenser controls?
  5. In Topic: The Olympian Affair - Cinder Spires bk 2 (also, Warriorborn)

    29 November 2023 - 08:46 PM

    Moving back in time, some initial reactions....

    Oh hi Calliope!

    hi Sark!!!

    hi mysterious vaguely evil olverlord spirearch dude!!!


    ...ok ok everything is alright now that was gross and weird.....

    Yay, back on the Predator!!!!
    Hi Grimm!
    Hi Gwen!!!
    And Gwen is XO and i'm loving her witty repartee w the First Mate.

    Hi Folly!!!
    Folly is having tea w Predator. OMG i love this.

    Ah, so we are parallel to events in WARRIORBORN, literally (hee) just ahead of events at the end of the story. Strictly speaking a reader need not have read the short, it's explained well, but that's still a bit of a dick move considering it just became widely available and usually at silly prices.

    So technically 'hi Benedict' is appropriate even tho i just saw him in the short story like an hour earlier and we get to meet the minicats again so that's good.

    I like Abby and Alex Bayard, fun new characters and their chemistry is nicely done.

    Cat politics are so much fun, and Rowl is going to end up completely owned by the minicats here.

    Hi Bridget!!!
    Hi Rowl!!!! ...riding on a special platform on Bridget's shoulder armor, naturally.


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    11 Aug 2019 - 09:32
    Thanks for getting me to 1000. *sniff* lots of pollen around here ...
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    31 Jan 2019 - 15:19
    Unbound Worlds now redirects to the PRH website, so that Top 100 fantasy link no longer works. Here's a very similar one though:
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    31 May 2016 - 03:21
    Because some mobile browsers don't resize and it makes the thread unreadable.
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    30 May 2016 - 18:50
    Just out of curiosity, why is it necessary to spoiler big pics on this forum? They go off the page and don't cause the text to unwrap, and they get resized in mobile browsers. I don't mind doing it; just asking.
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    Merry Nonsensicus!
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    And yet you cannot tear your eyes away from it.
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    Mrs Savagely Wishy Washy 

    20 Sep 2013 - 12:23
    There is a word to describe that pic, I just found one in the depths of my convulsing brain. It's DISTURBING but in a funny way.
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    10 Apr 2013 - 17:44
    If you're keeping score, I think my conversation (in a WoT thread, I think) with that one noob-troll about how to get banned from Malazan is worth a few. (i.e. "I recommend telling Malaclypse he's a douchebag.")
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    18 Dec 2012 - 19:27
    When the new order rises, lazy posters will be among the first to be purged.
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    18 Dec 2012 - 19:18
    Good call with the spoilers tags. I didn't want to add them because it makes it extra work to read posts :D
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    14 Jun 2012 - 17:04
    That's CAThulhu.
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    The dancing game 

    14 Jun 2012 - 16:54
    ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!!!
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    30 Mar 2012 - 16:46
    Thanks for setting me up in PEN!
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