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  1. In Topic: Guns, control and culture.

    Yesterday, 04:41 PM

    I’ve said multiple times throughout the years that I grew up on our family hunting lease. I was out shooting and skinning supper much earlier than 12.

    Just had a memory. I was fucking obsessed with the idea of killing a boar or deer with a spear. I’d go out everyday and chop a straight tree down and carve the hell out of it. I could spend most of an entire day doing that making cool patterns in the bark. Eventually I’d go out with my spear into the woods all by my lonesome for hours hunting on foot.

    Never got a good kill. And no I didn’t go out hunting FOR boar with a spear but the fantasy of being able to get a defensive kill was a good one for a kid to have.
  2. In Topic: Star Trek Discovery

    Yesterday, 04:24 PM

    Ansom Mount is a perfect Roland of Gilead back in his Hell on Wheels(watch that!) days. He is a wonderful actor which just made his role in Inhumans all the more frustrating.
  3. In Topic: Ye Big TV Thread

    Yesterday, 04:19 PM

     QuickTidal, on 18 January 2019 - 02:24 PM, said:

     Tsundoku, on 18 January 2019 - 06:36 AM, said:

     Virgin of High House Bachelor, on 17 January 2019 - 11:48 PM, said:

    Whoa! This show on TLC called Dr. Pimple Popper is fucking AWESOME! So gross at times though. Makes me thankful I don’t have any of that funky shit going on with me. It’s kinda funny to as the Dr seems to always compare whatever she is taking out with food.

    Check out her stuff on youtube then. Mass gunkage.

    Have watched that for years. My friend and I have always been fascinated/grossed out by those. Can't stop watching.

    Yes it’s disgustingly great to watch.
  4. In Topic: Guns, control and culture.

    Yesterday, 03:52 AM

    Yeppers I got it when I was 12 for Xmas and just never had the heart to upgrade to a 12 gauge. It was my 1st gun and has provided many a meal for us since.
  5. In Topic: Star Trek Discovery

    Yesterday, 03:37 AM

    Isn’t he “owning it” though? He said he didn’t like S1 but an hour and change in he has liked what he has seen of S2. What does he have to do to “own it” exactly?

    I mean does he really have to write up a thesis of why an hour of S2 was better then the entirety of S1 in his opinion? Can’t someone change their minds without being “that guy or gal”?


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    30 Jul 2018 - 19:53
    How's the descent going? Hope you have a great day.
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    Virgin of High House Bachelor 

    01 Aug 2015 - 03:12
    Well thank you!
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    30 Jul 2015 - 23:23
    Happy birthday, enjoy the long slow descent into middle age. ;)
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    High House Dark 

    26 May 2013 - 23:44
    PM me for decent Hannibal links, if you'd like!
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