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  1. NFL 2019 to Super Bowl 54

    13 March 2019 - 01:02 AM

    Yíall know the drill. Trades, preseason, season, playoffs and SB right here.

    I know this pussy, crybaby Saints fan is still being a pussy, crybaby Saints fan who was SOO happy that the Rams lost 53. Phew! Iíd a died if they had won! It was delicious that they only got 3 whole points. That Bowl was horrible.

    Hereís to hoping 54 will have our 2nd ring at the end as we get closer to the end of our Drew/Sean era.

    Yalls predictions?

    Also Iíve kinda been enjoying when I can watch this new AAF spring league. They actually knock the shit out of each other and the review call booth is pretty nice to see. Wonder if NFL will possibly adopt?
  2. Game of Thrones Season 8

    14 January 2019 - 10:38 PM

    Iíd like Terez to snag the thread glory but I havenít seen her around in quite some time. So Terez if you see this make another thread and I ll make sure a mod merges with you as starter any discussion this thread gathers. Itís tradition after all! We must have a Terez GoT thread.

    Anyway thanks to my BFF Malankoozie we know that S8 begins 4/14/19. Who will survive in this alt uni clusterfuck in the end?
  3. The Dragon Prince

    13 October 2018 - 07:55 PM

    Yes S2 is a go. Looking forward to it!
  4. Spider-Man

    07 September 2018 - 01:48 AM

    The special console bundle looks pretty damn groovy! I like the controller a lot!

    I honestly do hope that this game is great but I just keep thinking about the PS2 game. Fun for a bit then just boring as shit.
  5. bachelor and bachelorette shows

    08 August 2018 - 12:24 AM


    We have arrived in PARADISE! We have Jordan(gotta admit I canít wait to see what he does), KENDALL(Fucking A!!!), Angela, Eric, Chris, Tia(backstabber drama queen), Krystal(glitter drama villainess), Kevin, Bibiana(omg she is a sexy Latina goddess with an attitude I wouldnít want cast my way), Wills, Astrid, ďGroceryĒ Joe(go Joe!), Nysha(umm who is this?), David(how much drama will he bring against Jordan?), Annalise(hahaha I canít wait to hear what other childhood fears she has for excuses to not participate 100% in whatever is happening on dates), Kenny, Chelsea(will she Clash with Krystal?), Nick, John and Wells(as the bartender). Quite a line up for the opening so far!

    Oh SHIT!!!! Ashley I. and Jared finally got together!!! They ve been dancing about on multiple seasons but Jared walled her out every time. Now she finally broke through that wall it seems! Wow!!

    Tia is the 1st arrival. Ah here comes Eric. Didnít care for him on Rachelís season. 3rd is KENDALL! Enter Jordan! Bibiana walking down looking delicious! Oohhh Jordan already expressing some interest for her in his confessional. That would be an explosive match!! ďGroceryĒ Joe coming down! Bibiana seems curious! YES!!! Now Kendall is curious as well! Iíd love to see them go on a date! Here comes Wills. Bibiana says heís cute. Iím meh on him, aside from one cool clash on Beccaís season(so glad that shit is over!) he is forgettable. Wells the man bartender makes his appearance! I like Wells! Hopefully someone gives him some love cause he deserves it! In walks in Chelsea. Eric seems interested. Oh YESSSS Kendall and Joe are already sitting off to the side getting to know each other!! In walks Chris. Blah! The Glitter Queen Krystal makes her entrance. This will be interesting! Only 33 mins in so far. Phew so MUCH FUN!! Haha there goes Tia talking about Krystalís fake voice from Aries season. OH NOOO! Joe ask Krystal to go walking right in front of Kendall! Kendall gives them the side eye. Crap Joe is really hitting it off with her. In walks Kevin and Kendall locks her sights on him. I wouldnít mind this either. Kevin is a cool Canadian dude. Haha Nick and John enter and they both got entrance shortened compared to others so far. Hmm Kendall goes walking off down the beach with John. They are really gelling. In walks Nysha. She is pretty. I donít remember her on Aries season. Angela walks in and John appears to be smitten by her. Here comes Kenny! I like Kenny! Astrid walks down. They are moving them along fast now. Now Annalise and Jordan is in love! Heís locked in and she appears to be into him. However here comes David so letís she if they can not focus on measuring each otherís dick this time around and focus on the women instead. Ha they already pecking at each other. Tia is so bummed out that Colton didnít come down. Such a drama queen! 50 mins in and the intros are over. Chris Harrison is now sitting down with the group of love birds explaining how the season/dates such proceed. Tia and Joe(who is definitely the womenís favorite it seems) are having some fun talking but she is holding back wanting Colton to come. The women have the power this Ep so one of the guys will be axed so she can relax knowing she is safe and can wait to see if he comes in time for her. Ha on that note Tia gets the 1st date card. Will she pass it to another? I think so. Letís see. HOLY SHIT SHE DIDNT! She choose to go ask Chris(seriously?) on a date. Joe is really bummed out. He wanted/thought she was gonna ask him to go. Krystal in glitter delight is happy that Tia passed on Joe. She is gonna be troublesome.


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    30 Jul 2018 - 19:53
    How's the descent going? Hope you have a great day.
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    Briar King 

    01 Aug 2015 - 03:12
    Well thank you!
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    30 Jul 2015 - 23:23
    Happy birthday, enjoy the long slow descent into middle age. ;)
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    26 May 2013 - 23:44
    PM me for decent Hannibal links, if you'd like!
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