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  1. I just finished my reread..

    08 October 2020 - 08:56 PM

    I've just finished the Crippled God.

    Ok I skipped a few ICE books; but I really wanted to keep the momentum going. Too many times on previous rereads I've still found myself on books 8 or 9, trying to recall something from books 3 or 4, because it took a while to get there and there's so much going on it's difficult to keep track. Especially if you take a break to read something else.

    So this time, apart from a quick Dresden interlude, I went straight through. And it was so worth it.

    I'd honestly forgotten so much about the CG. I may have only read it once before - and because I was so keen to race on to find out the fates of certain people, or just figure out the end, I fear I may have missed out a bunch of stuff. To read it this time, with all the other books fresh in my mind, has been an.. amazing experience. I feel like I did when I first finished it - a bit lost and bereft. And also more than a little awed at what SE managed to pull off with this series.

    Stuff I'd forgotten. Theres a lot. But also made it like a first read as I couldn't remember what happened to a lot of people.

    One - what happened to Krugava and the Perish. What a clusterfuck, a whole army without a clear direction, all arguing over their purpose. I wasnt interested in the Perish much before, but this story got more attention from me this time round.

    Two - Karsa killing Fener. Ok, Fener knows this is his fate, he says as much to the Errant in DoDs. And Hood told Karsa he was there to kill a God. But this being planned, in order to bring the CGs heart back to full life with the rain of blood - the detail here is incredible. Gesler and Stormy kind of summoning Fener right at the site seemed a coincidence, as Fener would have been drawn to such an epic battle anyway.

    Three - Heboric, all the way from DGs, still had a vital role to play, utilising his otataral and jade hands. I dont remember this conclusion being so well handled and executed, it was awesome to see all this coming together.

    Four - the Bonehunters. Being named that - because Tavore was, quite literally, searching for a place of bones to resurrect the CG.

    Five - the final showdown being split into 3 separate battles, kinda like the end of a SWs movie. The Spire, the Barrow, the plain where the Host arrives. The EPIC battle including ALL the ancient races, fighting together... Imass, Jaghut, K'chain, Barghast, and then the Toblakai show up.. just, fuck off awesome. He throws it all in there. How did I not remember that?! The Kolansii armies directed by Forkrul Assail were a bit of a new and faceless horde of an enemy, but I didnt mind on the wave of this.

    Six - I couldn't remember the fate of Tavore. And when Ganoes shows up.. and she nearly kills him like she killed her sister, and then collapses, finally.. I was reading this at work and I had to stop, I had to blink a bit at that.
    And that was following that moment where she'd just walked out and finally screamed all that pain out. Ohh man.

    Seven - I do remember Badalle holding onto Hetans soul after she died.. but not Toc delivering her body to Kolanse, and her physical resurrection and being reunited with Tool. There were almost too many happy endings here? Many we saw die are actually right there at the end getting a nice wrap-up. Even Whiskeyjack and Korlat got to say goodbye.

    Eight - Icarium. Did his new warrens just fail ultimately because his machine was broken, and spit him out unharmed? I wonder if he finally remembered Mappo at the end. (And why could Mappo have not waited five more minutes before taking on that FA after that epic cross world journey - rather than Ublala turning up AFTER he'd been bashed up?

    Interesting to find out that info about the Nameless Ones basically using the position of guardian to remove troublemakers from their situations by giving them a task though, didnt recall that little gem.

    Nine - The book of the Fallen - isnt necessarily referring to all those fallen, but to the GG himself. Like, the book of the Fallen One. Also it's pretty strongly hinted that the entire thing is written and recorded by the CG after his return to his own realm.

    Ten - Grub. Being created by, or being a physical manifestation of, the Chain of Dogs. Totally do not remember that.

    Oh and the Whiteface Barghast - painted white as they were originally loyal to the FA. And the Gilk, who had the turtle shell armour primarily to counter the fists of the Assail. So many seemingly little details, which have echoes through the whole series, and just made it such fun to read.

    That will do for now, might stick some more in later as I remember it.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the reread though. Its reminded me why I have the whole series in pride of place on my bookshelf.

    I'm just missing having it to read today.


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