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  1. In Topic: The game I'm playing is...

    Yesterday, 12:17 PM

    Same feelings about it really. The hiking/building elements are addictive and really capture that feeling of travelling a wild countryside.

    The repetitive interior stuff is already grating. Even a 2 yr old game like KCD let's you walk into a room, sleep, read, wash, in an immersive and realistic way, in your own time. All the video clips, including the story ones, are ultimately unnecessary. The story could have been steadily revealed through the holograms and people in the bunkers. Bit like HZD I guess.

    Having to constantly skip he scenes in DS every time I need a rest takes the edge off arriving somewhere successfully.

    That goddamn drinking animation is the worst, who the hell flails their arms about like that after having a drink?!

    Anyhow, just caught the Giant horse, and Zeldas white horse in BotW. The giant one must be Ganons, it's a monster.
  2. In Topic: No Man's Sky

    Yesterday, 01:35 AM

    Had to have a peek. There is now an egg available at the quicksilver shop in the nexus.

    You can buy it, and 'grow' your own living ship! All the living ships will be generated and individual. There was a ship parked up, I went and had a look. Was like a cuttlefish or something, stripes of light undulating across it - looks great, very different from the usual ship style.
  3. In Topic: Wood Spice

    21 February 2020 - 08:19 AM

    You can just post DGs questions in the DG book thread, instead of starting a new thread for each question?

    A bolt chest - a box with bolts of cloth, presumably.

    Wood spice - something slightly exotic from 7C. We know Soletaken have a spicy smell, this is what Kalams referring to in this case as they're all over the place on the Path of Hands. Minalas closest approximation is wood spice as she's not yet met a soletaken.

    (A lot of authors use spices/silk etc to evoke images of desert markets, places like Morocco where there was a lot of trade between East and West. It just adds colour to Seven Cities in a few words.)
  4. In Topic: Death Stranding

    20 February 2020 - 09:39 AM

    Liking my new truck.

    Not liking falling down a ravine because I didnt hit jump at the right moment.
  5. In Topic: No Man's Sky

    19 February 2020 - 11:03 PM

    Rutger Hauer did the voice over for the trailer.

    Those organic ships look really nice... also the huge space beast skeleton the ship flies through? Just downloaded while I was playing DStranding. Might have to check it out tomorrow.


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