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  1. In Topic: Do you have debt?

    23 November 2023 - 11:23 AM

    View PostCause, on 21 November 2023 - 09:39 PM, said:

    Time, happiness and money are all forms of limited resources we have. Dont borrow too heavily from one to get the other. 3 months doesnt sound like a huge chunk of time to me but it seems you may have been pushing it hard already for quite a while. I think Mezla was right when she said in a previous post you have to live for the now too. Thats the balance that I worry about often.

    Discuss it with your partner, if you disagree about it I would say thats the first red flag. If you both agree to the hardship it will place on your relationship that mutual agreement at least should partly help you discuss your way though it.

    I would not qualify happiness as a resource you can dip into or temporarily decrease to achieve something else.

    It is fleeting - you have it when you have it and when you lose it, there’s often no clear way back to that “same level” of happiness, certainly not just by reverting to the previous situation. Mind you, it’s definitely easier without children being part of the equation.

    Finally, money/debt is more than a figure on a page. There’s a range of emotions attached and from personal experience, I can tell you that not knowing what it represents to the other can create huge discomfort between you.
    To some, having money is an opportunity for growth (studying, opening a business) or for the future (retirement, children’s study budget), for others it’s a feeling of success or being able to expand their lifestyle (travelling, fine dining, branded clothes, starting a family) and for yet others it represents safety ( whatever happens, we’ll be fine for a year, supporting parents/family).
    Not having it has a similar range of feelings, some of which could be contradictory as well.
  2. In Topic: Do you have debt?

    20 November 2023 - 04:01 PM

    We had to up our mortgage recently, courtesy of the extended renovation of the property we bought.
    Once we can finally move in, we ought to be fine, but I dread every single header featuring the ECB decision-making.
  3. In Topic: Fantasy Football 2023

    11 October 2023 - 09:50 AM

    View PostSlow Ben, on 08 October 2023 - 07:09 PM, said:

    Right there with you man!

    Congrats on getting rid of the 0!
  4. In Topic: Fantasy Football 2023

    09 October 2023 - 04:04 AM

    View PostSlow Ben, on 08 October 2023 - 07:09 PM, said:

    Right there with you man!

    Yeah, we’re in a race to the bottom :)
  5. In Topic: Fantasy Football 2023

    08 October 2023 - 07:02 PM

    Urgh. Saquon out, 2 RBs on bye, the Steelers offense only being offensively bad, Jalen Hurts a shadow of last season, Richardson out injured mid game… hello 0-5. I’ve been looking forward to Kupp’s return, but at this rate it’s a plaster over a gaping wound.


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    07 Jan 2023 - 14:16
    happy birthday Tapdatass
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    27 Jun 2022 - 11:40
    Hey man, hope all's well
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    07 Jan 2022 - 14:24
    enjoying the downhill slide? Happy birthday
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    07 Jan 2021 - 15:42
    ermagerd Taps - 40!
    Happy birthday, it's all downhill from here
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    07 Jan 2020 - 19:33
    and again
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    08 Jan 2019 - 13:17
    Happy birthday Taps
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    17 Jan 2017 - 12:35
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    08 Jan 2017 - 02:42
    Happy birthday!
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    18 Dec 2014 - 14:35
    I miss the days when you and I had the top profile views at Malazan due to our ongoing conversation. How have you been? I always enjoy your posts when you wander into Discussions.
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    High House Dark 

    20 Mar 2013 - 20:19
    YOU'RE extremely well put.
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    14 Feb 2013 - 19:36
  12. Photo


    08 Jan 2013 - 10:28
    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday Mr T man, Happy birthday to you!!!!!!
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    01 Nov 2012 - 17:32
    Tapper, you invalidated my arguments and I have no rebuttal, time to change the subject!
    I love you almost as much as illy right now
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    31 Jul 2012 - 02:13
    Tapper, you sexy man, man. Love the flannel shirt at the beach, pic. I'm giving you a nickname - Ryan Seacrest.
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    29 Jun 2012 - 21:27
    Ever seen a grown man naked?
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