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  1. The "Simeon Reads WoT for the First Time" Thread

    14 September 2023 - 02:14 PM

    Hey up

    Just wanted somewhere to pop my thoughts on this series as I go through it. I do aim to eventually read the whole thing though I may be taking breaks throughout.

    I'm 50% through book 2 (The Great Hunt) and while I am enjoying the world RJ created, some annoyances are sticking out a little bit that I can't quite ignore...

    So firstly I really hate Nynaeve. She is so very 1 dimensional and it's beginning to annoy me. Like all she is is anger and it's very tiresome. Constantly going "I'm only going to learn so I can become powerful to take Moraine down for what she did to us!" is just so dumb.

    Like has she not seen enough now to know a) Moraine is not the source of the problems, and B) maybe a lot of what Moraine has said and done is for a good reason? It's just frustrating reading her sections.

    I was getting very annoyed with Rand as well, but the scenes where he is slowly becoming a better fighter and stuff are sort of mollifying that, though he's stilly a whiny little git.

    Also I accidentally spoilered myself about who Selene actual is whoops haha

    We'll see how I feel at the end of this, but it's certainly not the potential masterpiece that many claim it to be, at least to my mind...
  2. Simeon's THE SHINING COURT Thread. Ignore Abyss Plz

    23 May 2023 - 07:14 PM

    I started it today. Only about half an hour in and initially I was like "oh no a kid" but actually he's pretty cool. I like the older dude too, whoever he is.

    I'm glad to be back in this world and encouraged by reading that it's mostly in the Empire in this book. :)
  3. The (original) Michelle West Discussion Thread

    20 April 2023 - 07:05 PM


    I thought after the discussion today I'd start this dedicated thread to all things Michelle West. It seems there's a lot of us at least on the cusp of reading some of her works.

    QT is the local expert it seems so go bother him with any big questions but I for one will hope up use this as a place to sort out what's actually going on.

    The thing is I'm listening to it and as such a lot of the names and ranks can get a bit confusing because a lot of them sound the same even if when written down they may be different.

    Remember spoiler tags where needed! I'll post my thoughts in a bit, relating to the first few hours of material I've listened to.
  4. The New Years 2023 Resolution Thread!

    31 December 2022 - 02:39 PM

    How do all!

    Happy New Year to everyone, this year will mark the 19th year I've been haunting these forums. Hoping it's a better year for everyone regardless of how 2022 was.

    So, onto the topic at hand: what are your New Years resolutions? Are you going to keep to them? Do you even bother? Aren't we all just puppets in a cruel game Abyss is playing anyway?

    For me, this is a big one and I don't know if I can manage it, support is required!

    I, Tiste Simeon, will not be buying a book in 2023.

    Yup, you read it right. I'm not going to buy a book, whether in paper or e-book format. Audible is slightly different due to it being subscription based and the credits are there anyway, so I won't be counting the audiobook realm. But otherwise, my aim is to make a huge dent in my TRP which is quite massive at present. I'm going to catalog my upcoming books on a Google list and cross them off once read to mark the progress. And I won't be adding to it!

    I reckon I'll make it at least a couple of months weeks days!



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  1. Photo


    03 Feb 2023 - 14:12
    happy another one Simmo, hope all's well
  2. Photo


    19 Jun 2022 - 01:29
    ah, 447/1295 was the bib number.
    Still 32.5 miles in 9 hours is insanely good, well done. :)
  3. Photo


    03 Feb 2022 - 20:06
    You can't be 37. That has to be a typo.
    Happy birthday dude, enjoy.
  4. Photo


    03 Feb 2021 - 20:57
    36! Good grief. Have a good one.
  5. Photo


    12 Apr 2020 - 02:15
    How could you? Tsk Simmo, for shame - and you a believer and all ... ;)
    PS clear out your PMs
  6. Photo


    01 Mar 2020 - 13:00
    Bugger, did I miss your birthday this year? Apologies, hope it was good. In a "Hot Fuzz jumping through the air sideways firing two pistols" kind of way. Followed by sweet rumpty.
  7. Photo


    03 Feb 2019 - 20:10
    33! You old bugger. Happy birthday.
  8. Photo


    05 May 2017 - 00:36
    Tiste, what you're going through is horrible. My thoughts are with you and I hope it will be over soon.
  9. Photo


    26 Sep 2014 - 19:10
    Your post in the Good Looking Thread just reminded me of something I think pretty much every time I read of one your posts: Tiste, you are such a nice, sincere and all over great person, from what I can tell, that your existence proves there IS good in the world.
    Yes, that was totally random, but deal with it, it had to be said :D
  10. Photo


    03 Feb 2013 - 15:25
    'Appy birfday Simian :)
  11. Photo


    10 Oct 2011 - 01:09
    Your sig just made my life better. Someday I will do just what you suggest. I'll let you know.
  12. Photo


    12 May 2010 - 22:04
    I'm fairly sure I would have remembered the good year blimp floating around my local
  13. Photo


    23 Apr 2010 - 22:46
    Stop mentioning the Game and il stop Neg repping you :P Also i just lost :(
  14. Photo


    01 Apr 2010 - 02:50
    Keep on em!
  15. Photo


    18 Feb 2010 - 00:11
    Hey Tiste. Just wanted to say I wasn't trying to jump on you in the religion forum, really. I just have a tendency to be all logic and 'wtf are you going on about' in that forum. Cheers. ;)
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