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  1. In Topic: I'm Ridiculously Good Looking - aka Pictures

    29 April 2022 - 11:46 PM

    My brother found some old pictures of us paddling around on the Balakliika River, near Balakliia, Ukraine, around 2010. Very nostalgic. Good times.

    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
  2. In Topic: US Policy--Russia Interests

    07 April 2022 - 08:59 PM

    I hope this works... Here's Pink Floyd feat. Andriy Khlyvnyuk of Boombox for your listening pleasure, for a change from all the other stuff going on. Iirc, Ment likes Boombox? Khlyvnyuk's video from Kyiv went viral at the start of the war.

  3. In Topic: US Policy--Russia Interests

    04 April 2022 - 12:09 PM

    RIA Novosti, Russia's propaganda news mouthpiece, is now openly calling for the genocide of (basically all) Ukrainians:

    That's just the gist of it, but I've read the article in Russian and it's as bad as it sounds. If, until now, you could argue that the war is just skirting the concept of genocide, it is now clear what the goal was all along. I say that now and I've been saying it since Feb 24th: the goal has always been genocide.

    Edit: Speaking of genocide, Russia brought along 45000 body bags and mobile crematoriums when they entered Ukraine, as well as new state regulations for mass graves:
  4. In Topic: US Policy--Russia Interests

    01 March 2022 - 06:35 PM

    View PostMalankazooie, on 01 March 2022 - 06:30 PM, said:

    Has there been any analysis made about Putin's state of mind? What's with the large tables for example? He looks more puffy than usual and I'm wondering if he is on a litany of medications.

    Reportedly, he is pant-shittingly scared of catching Covid.
  5. In Topic: US Policy--Russia Interests

    28 February 2022 - 10:28 PM

    View PostMentalist, on 27 February 2022 - 03:22 AM, said:

    They really underestimated who they were messing with.

    My mom was a Russian-speaker living in Western Ukraine her whole life. She was bilingual, obviously, but she identified more with "soviet" culture than "Ukrainian". She never really understood or shared the nationalism me and my dad displayed.

    After that 1-hour speech where VVH declared a war of extermination on Ukraine, she wants to tear his throat out.

    very few people are actually scared; most are furious . With that cold, tempered fury where we realize this won't end until that regime is shattered.

    Molotovs, people stopping ATPs unarmed, 37 thousand volunteers who picked up guns in the first 2 days (there's loads more willing, but cities need more guns)... Millions being transferred to the Army, insane info presence, thousands of the diaspora members coming out worldwide, being joined by so many other communities.

    And, shockingly, Zelensky was the populist we needed. The one who had nothing to lose and publically called the West out on the bullshit hypocrisy we've seen since 2014. The one who was able to shame the West into being the West.

    The sanctions are absolutely nuclear. With quarter to a third of Centrobank's assets frozen, RIP ruble on Monday. There's already a report that 5k contract troopers in Belgorod are mutinying, because they don't want to go to Ukraine and get fucked up like everyone before them.

    they're asking for talks already. At this point the general mood is "Zelensky'd better not fucking DARE make any deals until we finish messing them up so that they scramble out of Donbas and Crimea to boot". People want this fucker buried, and he's got nothing. The vaunted VDV paratroopers, Kadyrov's personal guard, the legions of their armor corps... It's all gonna be scrap and meat if it keeps coming.

    Huge rally in Toronto tomorrow. I was at one at the consulate yesterday, and there was over a thousand people there; tomorrow there'll probably be a lot more, since it's a Sunday.

    They woke up a slumbering anger over 9 years of dehumanizing slurs, bullshit fearmongering, and very real war that cost our people 15 thousand lives; I oughta thank VVH for so comprehensively forging the Ukrainian political nation; but he's a psychopathic shitheel, so I will wish him a quick and merciful death instead.

    Half of my paycheck got sent back home. I'm gonna keep spreading awareness, since that's all I can really do, being so far away.

    But just as in 2013-2014, I feel part of something much greater. We are making history, and we will keep making it, and those who think they can stop us better be ready to jump out of our way, because once Ukrainians start to collectively organize to get smith done, we've been quite literally unstoppable, until we decide to spread out again ourselves.

    You have put it into better words than I could.

    View Postamphibian, on 28 February 2022 - 07:55 PM, said:

    I take a different view of things than many here - there's several people posting about how they hope Putin realizes this is a mistake and stops now/soon. That's not how he works. Take a look at the apartment bombings back in 1999, FSB agents were caught putting explosives in buildings and Putin just spun that into the invasion of Dagestan, which went on for 9 months and turned into 9+ years of sporadic fighting before he made a deal with the Kadyrov clan.

    Stopping now isn't what a thug like Putin does, even if it's a disaster. He will keep going because in the past, the pattern was that the foreigners get tired of dealing with him and kinda cave, so he gets most of what he wants.

    I'm with amph here. Putin will realise nothing. He may pretend to so he can safe face, but it will be a farce. Although there is no way for him to safe face anymore. He already doubled down today and had missiles hit Kharkiv during the day, while the first round of peace talks was under way.

    I want him gone from the face of this earth. If he comes out of this still in office, if his oligarch friends and his people let him get away unscathed, I hope they choke on the sanctions. I do not wish bad things on normal people in Russia, but I am tired of the evil Putin has been spewing into the world, which has been poisoning people I know. I do not talk about it, but I have felt an anti-Ukrainian sentiment from Russians ever since 2014, I have been told to identify as Russian instead of Ukrainian, when Ukraine if where I was born, and if wishing for Ukraine to remain a sovereign state and be left alone to grow and develop as a country, if wanting to be able to enjoy Ukrainian culture in peace makes me a nationalist, so be it. Language is losing all meaning anyway, it seems.


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