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  1. In Topic: COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus, aka 2019-nCoV)

    22 October 2020 - 02:42 PM

    We've now reached 11k new cases per day as of yesterday. And here Angie was warning everyone about 19k cases per day by Christmas. That's cute.

    Oh, and our minister of health has tested positive.
  2. In Topic: COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus, aka 2019-nCoV)

    16 October 2020 - 04:03 PM

    The shithouse paper hoarding is back in full force over here :rolleyes: Someone tell these idiots to chill.
  3. In Topic: COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus, aka 2019-nCoV)

    15 October 2020 - 04:36 PM

    6600+ new cases in Germany today. And people are all up in arms because some states refuse to let people from counties deemed to be risk areas stay overnight. You assholes, can't you just stay put at home for a bit? It's not like we're under lockdown, you're just not supposed to be vacationing willy-nilly across the country. How difficult can that possibly be?! I mean, I can get behind it being difficult for some people to not see family and friends but vacationing?! Nobody NEEDS vacationing. Not to mention these idiots are clogging up the Covid-testing stations because omg, they need their stupid negative test to stay in a hotel.

    I just got a new job. If I lose it because people cause another lockdown, I am ripping SOMEONE a new one, don't care who. Possibly that guy who tried to talk me out of my number on Monday claiming everyone needs people around them. No, put your mask on properly and get out of my sight, you bastard.
  4. In Topic: What's messing with your groove?

    10 October 2020 - 03:48 PM

    Sorry to hear that, Ment :(

    But also, what BK said: she was still your grandmother. My grandmother died over ten years ago. She also had Alzheimer's and while she also barely remembered me the last time I saw her, I'm still sad after all this time.
  5. In Topic: What's messing with your groove?

    05 October 2020 - 10:38 PM

    Why are Octobers always so shitty? It's like every year in October, something shitty happens just because. So tired.


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  1. Photo


    15 May 2020 - 17:50
    2 birthday rep because the first was a cyrillic copy paste that came out looking like swearing, sorry
  2. Photo


    15 May 2020 - 17:44
    and again O Puckiest one of all! Hope it's a great day
  3. Photo


    16 May 2019 - 08:39
    Happy birthday Puckster
  4. Photo

    King Lear 

    28 Jun 2018 - 19:20
    Same. We're mutually terrible at this. It works XD
  5. Photo

    King Lear 

    27 Jun 2018 - 22:41
    Love you the mostest <3
  6. Photo

    King Lear 

    27 Jun 2018 - 21:24
  7. Photo


    16 May 2018 - 09:20
    Happy birthday, hope you have a good one
  8. Photo

    King Lear 

    14 Nov 2016 - 17:27
    I'm in the US (so still with the ugly stuff, but less with ground refusing to still) I'm okay, and it looks like all friends and family are okay (if a little bit traumatised, apparently it's not a pleasant experience even for those who are not injured or have any property damage or anything).
  9. Photo

    King Lear 

    21 Aug 2016 - 07:38
  10. Photo

    King Lear 

    09 Apr 2016 - 13:12
    One day we will chat again!
  11. Photo

    King Lear 

    12 Feb 2016 - 23:05
    Hugs back to you! Hope you're doing well <3
  12. Photo

    King Lear 

    01 Oct 2015 - 05:10
    You are the slinkiest
  13. Photo

    King Lear 

    21 Sep 2015 - 10:06
    You know, chat's refusal to make sounds when people enter or leave, or show the number of comments when I'm in another tab is extremely inconvenient. Anyway, *hugs*
  14. Photo

    King Lear 

    18 Sep 2015 - 11:43
    Noooooooooooooooooo I missed you
  15. Photo

    Tiste Simeon 

    26 Sep 2014 - 19:40
    Appreciate that. Truly I do. Thank you. :)
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