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  1. Possible Origin of Fener

    30 May 2019 - 03:03 PM

    In Reaper's Gale, we get an interaction between Fener and the Errant. We get a description of Fener from here:


    The man crouched there was more ogre than human, broad shoulders covered in bristly black hair, a bullet head thrust forward on a short neck. The bottom half of the face was strangely pronounced beneath long, curling moustache and beard, and large yellowed tusks jutted from the lower jaw, pushing clear of lip and thick, ringleted hair. Stubby, battered hands hung down from long arms, the knuckles on the floor.

    In Fall of Light, Vix is introduced as a large, iron-skinned man with a mustache and tusks under a snout. He also seems to like to create species for the purpose of war between them for his entertainment. Any connection between these two?

    If so, would this not make Fener an Azathanai?
  2. Does Neret Sorr turn into Saranas?

    28 May 2019 - 02:01 AM

    I know Erikson likes wordplay, so I wonder if Neret Sorr --> Soranas --> Saranas?

    We know that it is the capital of the Liosan when Kallor visits and lets them know that Serap is dead. Just curious if there's a connection.
  3. Root of Kellanved

    21 May 2019 - 01:38 AM

    In Chapter 13 of tCG, we get an exchange between the survivors of Gruntle's Trygalle Trade Guild expedition and Aranict.


    With narrowed gaze the young sorceress addressed Faint. ‘Kellan varad. V’ap gerule y mest.’ Whatever she’d said did not seem to warrant a reply from Faint, who now spoke to Aranict. ‘We are lost. Seek Holds. Way home. Darujhistan. Do you kerall— er, are you, ah, caster magic? Kellan Varad? High Mage?

    Here we see Kellan Varad being translated to High Mage. Would it be safe to assume that the etymology of Kellanved is derived from Ehrlii's Kellan Varad?
  4. Is Capustan connected to the Forkrul Assail?

    17 May 2019 - 06:04 PM

    In the Crippled God, we find out that the ancient White Face Barghast painted their faces white in a sort of honour of the Forkrul Assail. We also know from Memories of Ice that Capustan is where the ancient histories of the White Face Barghast on Genebakis were stored along with their ships. We also know that the cabal that controlled Capustan, the Masked Council, each called themselves Rath'[god name]. Moreover, we find out through Olar Ethil (who is notoriously untrustworthy) that the Forkrul Assail would call her Rath Evain.

    Is it possible that Capustan started as a sort of shrine to the Forkrul Assail by the Barghast?


    Bonus trivial fact: There's a road in the Greater Toronto Area called Rathburn. With the Bloor Sea (Bloor Street being another famous GTA roadway), I wonder if that is where ICE and SE got the Rath prefix from, lol. Perhaps one of them had some adventures in Toronto/Mississauga.
  5. D'rek as a fragment of Grizzin Farl

    17 May 2019 - 05:57 PM

    Since finishing the series, the two Kharkanas books and subsequent re-reads, I've always wondered why D'rek was involved in the end-game in tCG. Be it against the Forkrul Assail through the Snake, helping the re-imprisonment of Korabas or the freeing/slaying of Kaminsod, D'rek was kind of a crux to a lot of the tying-up of plotlines. Curiously, I also noted that within the published Kharkanas books, D'rek isn't mentioned even though the god/goddess is supposed to be old. Banaschar even mentions that she is "coiled around time itself."

    Moreover, we know that there was a god of the FA and that such a god was shattered, destroying Akhrast Korvalain and turning the god into the d'ivers (shards, diamonds and rubies) of the Glass Desert. It is hypothesized, through Grizzin Farl's discussions about how he lived among the Forulkan and was worshiped by them even after he killed a bunch of them in vengeance, that he himself was the d'ivers: the forgotten god of the Forkrul Assail. Brys Beddict has this forgotten name stored in his hard-drive and uses it to wound Brother Diligence enough for the Ve'Gath to eat him.

    I've struggled trying to put these three pieces of information together: D'rek, nameless FA god that is the Glass Desert d'ivers, and Grizzin Farl.

    The main 'glue', so to speak, that I think kind of puts this all together is the Snake, particularly Badelle. As is revealed in tCG, we know that the Snake is some sort of accumulation for D'rek. The imagery of a snake eating itself used in Badelle's poetry, as in children eating the dead, as well as the fact that D'rek is a sort of Nidhogg-esque god are examples of this before the reveal from Banaschar. We also know that Badelle, the poet of the Snake, can access Akhrast Korvalain when she learns to use her voice at the end of Dust of Dreams in Icarias against the watered and pure FA. We also have the d'ivers of the Glass Desert constantly gnawing on the Snake and the Snake eating the d'ivers to survive their journey.

    But none of this is conclusive. It's lingered in my head for a while so I've decided to keep seeing if there is any other clues. I've always wondered why D'rek killed her priests in Kartool. Yes, yes .. she disliked their worship of the Crippled God, but have we seen a god killing their worshipers before? Again, I point to Grizzin Farl's interactions with the Forkrul Assail. He massacred them and was worshiped even more because of it. But, again, nothing conclusive.

    Is it possible for both the d'ivers and D'rek to be the fractions of the same god? For this to work, it must be so. Luckily, Traveller and Dessembrae simultaneously existing, which is confirmed in tCG by Shadowthrone, proves that this can happen.

    There's also this:


    ‘I have too many questions for that, Atri-Ceda. Why is the Hold empty?’

    ‘Because it is home to all which cannot be possessed, cannot be owned. And so too is the throne within the Hold empty, left eternally vacant. Because the very nature of rule is itself an illusion, a conceit and the product of a grand conspiracy. To have a ruler one must choose to be ruled over, and that forces notions of inequity to the fore, until they become, well, formalized. Made central to education, made essential as a binding force in society, until everything exists to prop up those in power. The Empty Throne reminds us of all that. Well, some of us, anyway.’

    Precious Thimble frowned. ‘What did you mean when you said the Hold was awake once more?’

    ‘The Wastelands are so called because they are damaged—’

    ‘I know that – I can’t do a damned thing here.’

    ‘Nor could I, until recently.’ The Atri-Ceda plucked out a stick of rolled rustleaf and quickly lit it. Smoke thickened the air in the tent. ‘Imagine a house burning down,’ she said, ‘leaving nothing but heaps of ash. That’s what happened to magic in the Wastelands. Will it ever come back? Ever heal? Maybe that’s what we’re seeing here, but the power doesn’t just show up. It grows, and I think now it has to start in a certain way. Beginning with … wandering. And then come the Holds, like plants taking root.’ Aranict gestured. ‘Much wandering in these Wastelands of late, yes? Powerful forces, so much violence, so much will.’

    ‘And from Holds to warrens,’ muttered Precious, nodding to herself.

    ‘Ah, the Malazans speak of this, too. These warrens. If they are destined to appear here, they have yet to do so, Precious Thimble. And is there not concern that they are ill?’

    ‘Malazans,’ Precious hissed. ‘You’d think they invented warrens, the way they go on. Things got sickly for a time, sure, but then that went away.’

    ‘The Holds have always been the source of magical power on this continent,’ Aranict said, shrugging.

    ‘In many ways, we Letherii are very conservative, but I am beginning to think there are other reasons for why there has been no change here. The K’Chain Che’Malle remain. And the Forkrul Assail dominate the lands to the east. Even the creatures known as the T’lan Imass are among us now, and without question the Hold of Ice is in the ascendant, meaning the Jaghut have returned.’ She shook her head. ‘The Malazans speak of war among the gods. I fear that what is coming will prove more terrible than any of us can imagine.’

    Precious licked her lips, glanced away. The tent seemed to have closed round her, like a death-shroud being drawn tight. She shivered. ‘We just want to go home.’

    ‘I do not know how I can help you,’ Aranict said. ‘The Holds are not realms one willingly travels through. Even drawing upon their power invites chaos and madness. They are places of treachery, of deadly traps and pits leading down into unknown realms. Worse, the more powerful rituals demand blood.’

    Precious gathered herself, met the Atri-Ceda’s gaze. ‘In the east,’ she said. ‘Something’s there – I can feel it. A thing of vast power.’

    ‘Yes,’ Aranict said, nodding.

    ------------Chapter 13, The Crippled God.

    Emphasis is mine. We know that the Snake is D'rek doing this wandering, re-accumulating her strength. But Aranict's point here is that the house had been burned down before. What was D'rek's presence before it was depleted? And why is it that the most important part of the Snake, Badelle, is able to use voice-magic as if she was a Forkrul Assail Pure or Watered?

    There's still a bunch of quotes I could offer here but I'll let this settle for a bit before I come back to it.


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