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  1. In Topic: Most disappointing book in the series

    23 July 2019 - 03:56 PM

    View PostNunchucks, on 15 July 2019 - 05:46 PM, said:

    View Postergault, on 06 June 2011 - 12:42 PM, said:

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    First half of the book was constant whining, every character was sounding like the same depressed, sad god/soldier/whatever.
    Second half of the book was illogical sequence of things happening without any real explanation,
    then the book ended and you got more questions than answears.

    (Icarium story was the most pointless of them all )


    I suggest to add some points explaining your opinion. Otherwise youŽll get only negative reactions... we cant discuss, only say - you are wrong/ right.

    what reallysurprised/dissapointed me was at the last possible moment having sinn become the ultimate threat to the whole plot.....that came straight out of left field.....having ges n stormy go that way was anticlimatic

    On reread, it is very obvious that Sinn is a problem and everybody fears her. She even covets TCG power.

    Yeah, I didn't catch her passage about being in the lightning bolt that killed Keneb on my first read. Sinn is insane after Y'Ghatan (hell, I'd even argue that she went insane at the end of HoC), sometimes too subtly, that culminates in the conflagration of all conflagration. There's also a lot of hints that she is using Icarium's fire juice instead of the Warrens, which is why Stormy and Gesler's annealed skin fails.
  2. In Topic: Possible Origin of Fener

    22 July 2019 - 08:51 PM

    Unfortunately, I have re-read the Vix scene and he is described as only having one eye, whereas Fener is referenced as having eyes (plural) in RG in his scene with the Errant, and in tCG when he is summoned into the killing fields outside of Kolanse. However, this does make me curious. Vix is referenced to having a sewn-shut eye, and Erikson has Skillen Droe notice it at the start of the scene as well as a noticing Vix scratch at it later in the scene. Do we know of any one-eyed characters who aren't clearly not Vix? I feel that he is relatively important considering his role in fashioning the Barghast, Trell and Thelomen 'species'.

    However, I will say that there have been other characters who spontaneously gain their eye back (only to lose it again.)

    Also, any reference to D'rek being a shard of Grizzin Farl should be ignored. I'm starting to lose faith in that hypothesis and am accruing evidence against it.

    Edit: I'd even argue that it's likely that Fener being tusked and not ever explicitly referenced to as a soletaken, I would suspect that Fener is a First-Hero among the 'species' that Vix has had a hand in creating -- like the Trell or something else with tusks, for example. Though, he does have hooves whenever he's summoned in the series (DG and tCG) but no hooves are referenced to in RG. Instead, in RG, he is reference to be much more humanoid with bestial characteristics -- I think the quote is even "more ogre than human."

    Edit 2: After the Errant spots him, they do have this interaction:


    'I remember you,' came the creature's voice, low and rumbling. 'And I knew this place. I knew what it had been. It was…safe. Who recalls the Holds, after all? Who knew enough to suspect? Oh, they can hunt me down all they want – yes, they will find me in the end – I know this. Soon, maybe. Sooner, now that you have found me, Master of the Tiles. He might have returned me, you know, along with other…gifts. But he has failed.' Another laugh, this time harsh. 'A common demise among mortals.'

    So ... clearly the Errant and Fener have met before in some capacity. And what does he mean by 'this place?' I have made another post that Letheras is where the Azath tower in FoL is which, with the Seregahl, is where Scabandari stores the wounded Silchas Ruin during the Tiste Invasion. So does this mean that Fener has been to Letheras aka near the Omtose Phellack and Hood towers area in the map from FoL (Jaghut Odhan)? Or is Fener speaking to just the continent of Lether?


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