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  1. Impressive feats of strategy

    11 April 2019 - 09:03 AM

    Hey guys,

    whenever I read fantasy novels that have battles in them, I find myself enjoying these particularly much when there're clever tactics at play. I think there's just generally something very satisfying to one commander outsmarting his/her opponent, and it's all the more impactful in these grand-scale conflicts where the lives of thousands plus the fate of nations are sometimes at stake.
    MBotF in this regard is great, because there are plenty of battles and plenty of commanders who are famous for being great at what they do. That being said, it's not like all the battles throughout the series are a feast for fans of military strategy & tactics. Some or great, others less so.

    My question(s) to you guys: Do you also enjoy the tactical element of military fiction in general - and what are some of your favorite moments throughout MBotF (and Ian's novels) in that regard? Is there any single character who you consider particularly ingenious when it comes to warfare, and if so, why?
  2. In a world where all novels were standalones...

    06 February 2019 - 04:26 PM

    So, the other day I had a talk with one of my colleagues, a guy who writes his PhD on fantasy literature. As you can imagine, big fan of the genre. Alas, not a fan of the Malazan series for...reasons. And that's kind of what we talked about (him not liking Malaz), when he brought up an interesting point. See, apparently much of what I argued had to do with the worldbuilding, the thoughtful way SE plans the plot progression over several novels, and the fantastic payoffs we eventually get as a result. My buddy countered this by arguing for treating each novel as its own self-contained plot. His question then was along the lines of "Do you actually feel that any single novel in series is strong enough on its to count as a potential favorite novel?"

    In the context of our argument at the time, I kind of dismissed it since it's really hypothetical. After all, nobody ever reads novel 7 in a 10 part series as a standalone (except maybe by accident). And thus nobody can authentically judge that.
    But then it got me thinking...So here's what I want to ask you guys: Do you believe that any single Malazan novel is so strong on its own that you would treat it as a general favorite of yours. And what I mean by "on its own", is that its that great without any nod to how it benefits from previous novels or how it lays the groundwork for things to come in later books. And, should you have that kind of appreciation, can you elaborate on what you cherish about said novel?

    Discuss :)


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    14 Mar 2019 - 07:32
    Happy birthday dude
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