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  1. In Topic: What's messing with your groove?

    Today, 05:48 AM

    Dealt with customer support for our CRM system a few years back before it was taken over by Oracle. They were located in Boston and the individual I talked to seemed pleasant enough. Of course it goes with the job description, so probably not a good indicator on how genial the daily, cross paths on the street with, citizenry is. She was amiable and was discussing slice of life expierences while going over the script to log a support ticket (she was concerned about a blizzard that was about to hit the wider Boston area). I was thinking more though in terms of industry symposiums and "ted talk" like conferences that I imagine happen pretty regularly in Boston.

  2. In Topic: Dune Remake

    Today, 05:31 AM

    Anyone get tickets for the midnight showing? I believe it's next Thursday.
  3. In Topic: What's messing with your groove?

    Yesterday, 09:30 PM

    Also, weigh the benefits of living in Boston and being in a world class research epicenter and the opportunities that can present themselves that may not materialize if you live in Philly and travel there infrequently.
  4. In Topic: What's messing with your groove?

    Yesterday, 01:21 AM

    Double messing with groove post: we're going to have a hard freeze tonight. Bummer, I was hoping to get one last burst of production from my heirloom tomato line up against the sun side of the house. Oh well, I'll have to gather the puny ones and probably make a soup out of them. The growing season comes to an end tonight.
  5. In Topic: Political Comedy starring Donald J. Trump & Co.

    14 October 2021 - 10:34 PM

    Damn, I better empty out my savings. It's the right thing to do. But more importantly, it's the patriotic thing to do.

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    21 Jun 2016 - 00:42
    New guy who's buddy introduced him to the books.
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