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  1. In Topic: Ye Big Videogames Thread

    Yesterday, 11:24 PM

    Just being a good friend, talking a good buddy back from the ledge. He had a bad day.

    some background: this was a weird one, obviously a glitch, because these deer flee you like you are a bear with a bazooka that shoots more bears. I was all like, wtf! and damn, what great timing for this glitch to happen.

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  2. In Topic: Ghost of Tsushima

    Yesterday, 11:11 PM

    Keep the box of tissues readily available, because I'll be joining you soon my brutha.

    I was thinking, we should create our own little clan like the Staw Hats, maybe call ourselves something like "The Moon's Spawn Ronin." Wouldn't that be fun!
  3. In Topic: Political Comedy starring Donald J. Trump & Co.

    Yesterday, 08:40 PM

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  4. In Topic: Ghost of Tsushima

    01 August 2020 - 11:24 PM

    One thing I can criticize, although it's not unique with Ghost of Tsushima and I've seen other games do this kind of thing, is the enemy standing in the corner, staring at the wall with their back to you (like the ending of The Blair Witch Project) inviting you to assassinate them when you sneak through buildings. It was really apparent when I took back Azamo Bay. I think the story is using these easy assassinations as a way to really convey Jin has been dishonorable and taken on the cowardly, kill your enemy by shameful assassination route. It is sort of amusing to watch the Mongols crouched down or standing and looking for something in the corner or on a nondescript wall and to stroll on up and put a knife in their neck, but realism takes a hit.
  5. In Topic: Ghost of Tsushima

    01 August 2020 - 04:54 PM

    I have some pics.

    The moments Ghost of Tsushima creates are stop you in your tracks beautiful. The mists at dawn. The sun rising/setting looking out over the ocean w/ waves breaking. Lighting flashing at night in the distance behind a looming tower or shrine. There is a mythic quest that takes you into this cave, and I just happened to be exiting the cave as the sun's rays were entering the opening. I think maybe the quest is setup like that, so everyone experiences that magical moment? But yeah, you can tell the game was developed with care and attention to create many of these moments. Worthy of awards and a game that will be in discussion for best of this generation, hands down.



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    21 Jun 2016 - 00:42
    New guy who's buddy introduced him to the books.
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