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  1. In Topic: Ye Big Movie thread

    Today, 10:01 AM

    I hate to say it, but Al Pacino sucks the air out of THIRTEEN.
  2. In Topic: Ye Big Movie thread

    Yesterday, 11:49 PM

    It’s allowed to be more fun and less serious, the various cast members get inarguably more to do, it’s all overseas which adds a nice fresh tone, the score apes a 1960’s European film, it adds in a great villain who actually challenges the crew (the Night Fox), it adds in both a love story for Rusty, but one that ties into not thieves lifestyle as well AND the overarching narrative with the Night fox, has a clever “wink at the audience” sequence with Julia Roberts, the heist is pulled off halfway through the film and no one knows and the rest is all wonderful pantomime while the true goal is to reunite Lemarc and his daughter.

    It’s Soderbergh having FUN with his creation and that warmth penetrates the screen.

    I said what I said.

    Oh and edit: THIRTEEN is not good, and only gets points for making Linus Thief-famous dad....SuperDave Osborne.
  3. In Topic: Ye Big Movie thread

    Yesterday, 05:26 PM

    View PostTsundoku, on 15 May 2021 - 11:00 AM, said:

    Agreed. Ocean's 11 is great, 12 is utter 4th-wall breaking, smug shite and the 3rd is an insincere apology.


    OCEANS 12 is a Perfect movie, and is arguably the best of the trilogy. And at no point does anyone break the 4th wall in it. It is a comfort watch, and one of my top ten best films of all time.
  4. In Topic: Love, Death & Robots: major SF authors in a new anthology Netflix series

    Yesterday, 01:37 AM

    View PostBriar King, on 15 May 2021 - 01:15 AM, said:

    What was wrong with Snow? I loved it. Reminds me of

    Meh, just really blah.


    Drowned Giant

    It’s a JG Ballard short from like 1964. The guy was a sort of new wave weird fiction guy who likes body horror and grotesqueries, and stories that grind against expectation. It’s supposed to feel like a weird fairy tale about the human condition and how WE perceive something like that and act around it as it decays.



    Yeah, this one is super tight.



    Yeah, I’ll definitely re-watch when I go through the season again.

    I also feel the urge to re-watch s1 now too.
  5. In Topic: Love, Death & Robots: major SF authors in a new anthology Netflix series

    Yesterday, 12:59 AM


    AUTOMATED CUSTOMER SERVICE - This was a blast, typical good humour robot stuff from John Scalzi.

    ICE - My second favourite short in the season. Just really kinetically paced, not overly complex, and stunningly animated.

    POP SQUAD - This is easily my fave short. Utterly thought provoking and wonderful. Makes me want to read the rest of Bacigalupi’s work if they are all this great.

    SNOW IN THE DESERT - Yeah, I watched the Neal Asher one...and while I agree it’s very well animated, the story is crap. The is the only short I actively disliked.

    THE TALL GRASS - Yes agreed, this one is wonderful. It’s got a folksy, ghost story vibe and the animation has that wooden-carved look. LOVED it, third fave.

    ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE - This short would 100% not work it’d it was any longer. But it’s the right length and as such is a charming day perfect little tale.

    LIFE HUTCH - this was fine. Not terrible, not great. Jordan elevates it with a great voice performance. I liked it, but it’s lower on the totem pole than the others.

    THE DROWNED GIANT - This was a really human story that really worked with the narration and the British seaside coast vibe. Like the story someone would tell over pints in the pub. Loved it.

    Also notice that the same store “Ipswitch Collectables” appears in THE DROWNED GIANT and POP SQUAD. Not sure why that is.

    Good season, shorter than s1 but more consistent?


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    01 Feb 2021 - 20:31
    happy 44th!
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    01 Feb 2019 - 18:04
    Thanks man!
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    01 Feb 2019 - 18:01
    Happy #42 - the meaning of everything!
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    01 Feb 2019 - 18:00
    Happy #42 - the meaning of everything!
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    01 Feb 2018 - 20:08
    Thanks man!
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    01 Feb 2018 - 19:57
    Happy #41
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    04 Dec 2016 - 01:55
    Done, sorry Ando, I didnt realize it was full.
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    03 Dec 2016 - 18:00
    Hey, could you make a little bit of room in your inbox?
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    17 Mar 2016 - 22:32
    lol, I focused right on 'redolent' too! Not sure why, but I felt like it was worth pointing out with my post :P
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    02 Feb 2014 - 13:11
    LOL. Truth. Thanks Sombra.
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    02 Feb 2014 - 08:47
    Wow, you're old. ;)
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    Mrs Savagely Wishy Washy 

    11 Jun 2013 - 11:46
    Where iz you? Haven't seen you for ages on the forum!
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    13 May 2013 - 15:24
    I've not actually watched it yet. I've been awaiting the English dub (and a theatre release in Canada)...but I hear it's insanity and sets some things on their ear.
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    09 May 2013 - 03:38
    Oi, you and I need to talk some Evangelion 3.33
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    Salt-Man Z 

    08 Apr 2013 - 15:40
    Looks like he got in a fight with Illy (not a particularly difficult feat) and decided to take some time off. Miss you, buddy! At least I still see you on FB and Twitter. :)
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