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  1. In Topic: Iron Bars location

    15 January 2023 - 05:45 PM

    Yes, it doesn't make much sense as a route. The only reason I can think for them trying to reach the west side is that the east side is nearly completely covered in jungle and they are hoping to have better chances to find a ship there.

    On the other hand, Iron Bars is on an Odyssey that even puts Ulysses to shame. His whole journey could be described as one step forward two steps back. We could just be missing a few steps in between the times we see him, that would explain everything.
  2. In Topic: +Artwork

    14 January 2023 - 09:27 AM

    Great work Nom Posted Image
  3. In Topic: KR vs GOtM Questions

    09 January 2023 - 06:28 AM

    Yes, SE does a crazy amount of set-up and payoff. Re-reads are always fun because you are noticing those little details.

    And Whiskeyjack managed to get an Hood's bad side for stealing Dunsparrow back from the temple. Hood can be overly resentful. The whole situation is also addressed in a later book. Just can't remember where.

    Paran actually describes Fiddler as looking only a few years older than himself in the prologue. It's probably a misjudgement and Fid is just looking younger than he is, but from his descriptions through the books I never got the feeling that he doesn't age. The Path to Ascension for the Bridgeburners starts in Deadhouse Gates and is completed with the return of Fiddler to the Raraku in House of Chains.
  4. In Topic: Merry Christmas to all!

    25 December 2022 - 08:44 PM

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  5. In Topic: Malazan Advent Calendar 2022

    25 December 2022 - 08:39 PM

    Lord Hust Henarald by Shadaan:


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    08 Oct 2022 - 23:36
    happy another birthday
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    06 Jan 2022 - 23:45
    Thanks for all your hard work on the wiki and especially the art-related stuff.
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    09 Oct 2020 - 05:30
    and again, hope it's a good one
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    08 Oct 2019 - 15:40
    happy birthday dude
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