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  1. In Topic: What's messing with your groove?

    24 November 2022 - 08:50 AM

    View PostQuickTidal, on 23 November 2022 - 02:49 PM, said:

    The loss of Kevin Conroy (the best Batman), Jason David Frank (the best Power Ranger), and Greg a trifecta of genre-loss that sucks even considering the other stuff going on in my life.

    I was just getting used to Conroy, when word dropped that JDF had died by his own hand. So sad.

    Our salute shall be a toot upon a knife because that scene made sense.

    Green Ranger memes aside, I remember being like... 5 when Tommy first appeared and holy hell did he scare me back then. So JDF became the face of the series for me. Er, no offense, Zordon.
  2. In Topic: Anime

    24 November 2022 - 08:48 AM

    Chains boy what the FUCK
  3. In Topic: Whats making you happy right now

    23 November 2022 - 08:45 AM

    More goodness: band practice with Aubzagl went well (I'm covering for their drummer who can't make a gig on Saturday). I am half dead from their material cause it's hard as hell to play, but I'm looking forward to playing the gig in Nottingham.
  4. In Topic: What's messing with your groove?

    21 November 2022 - 08:49 AM

    I'm sorry to hear it QT. It's nice you got that time with her, at least. Best wishes for you and your family, we're here if you need us.
  5. In Topic: The game I'm playing is...

    18 November 2022 - 12:51 PM

    I am getting absolutely LOST in Dyson Sphere Program, in the best possible way. Too easy to sink an hour into automating manufacture of something or other.



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    09 Nov 2022 - 21:28
    35 mate, you young whipper-snapper. Hope things are going better for you. Stay warm.
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    09 Nov 2021 - 20:42
    and again Maate. Light at the end of the tunnel?
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    10 Nov 2020 - 07:49
    Another year, and quite the shitty one at that, but at least the back end of it might have some promise. Happy birthday
  4. Photo


    10 Nov 2019 - 00:37
    Has it been a year? Yeesh. Happy birthday again. At least you're back reading.
  5. Photo

    Maark Abbott 

    09 Nov 2018 - 18:52
    Thanks ^^ I'll read a sugary manga. Madoka looks promising...
  6. Photo


    09 Nov 2018 - 18:45
    happy birthday Maarky Maark. I hope you get a book that revives your urge to read. Bonus points if it isn't grimdark ;)
  7. Photo

    Maark Abbott 

    12 Jan 2017 - 07:17
    It's true. Mu tends to be my profile picture in most places. Her or Mai. Gotta maintain the harem, after all.
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    The Lord of Moon's Spawn 

    11 Jan 2017 - 16:41
    And just so you know, I'm just trying to irritate you by spelling ya name with one A. :p
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    The Lord of Moon's Spawn 

    11 Jan 2017 - 16:37
    Konichiwa, Mark-chan :)
    Sorry for the late reply; lol, I'm nor even sure why I made this account. So yeah. But Hail Hydra, ya know. Haha.
    Also, belief it or not, I kinda imagined you'd have a BB avatar, after I'd seen your cover image. Nice to see I'm not always wrong. :p
  10. Photo

    Maark Abbott 

    10 Jan 2017 - 06:39
    Sosuke-tan! Kon'nichiwa!
  11. Photo

    The Lord of Moon's Spawn 

    08 Jan 2017 - 23:41
    Aizen here. (Lol.)
  12. Photo

    Maark Abbott 

    23 Nov 2015 - 07:28
    No chance.
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    10 Nov 2015 - 07:57
    Happy birthday. Now have a birthday shave - I dare you. ;)
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