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  1. In Topic: Whats making you happy right now

    08 May 2022 - 08:41 AM

    View PostMezla PigDog, on 08 May 2022 - 07:21 AM, said:

    I have blue tits nesting in a hole in the wall of my house. They come back every year so this time of year, if I can creep downstairs without anyone else waking up, I can get a cup of tea down me sitting in the armchair in the bay window and watch mum and dad flit around getting food to the babies. We have a good mix of garden birds - blackbirds, great tits, blue tits, robins, goldfinch, wrens occasionally. We also have red kites who sometimes butcher the ubiquitous wood pigeons on the lawn. Grey squirrels and black squirrels who I try not to be irritated by digging up my garden. Frogs too - usually only see them as I'm about step on them and they ping out from underfoot terrifying me. There's a stream down the road so we get damsel and dragon flies in the peak of summer. We have foxes because I hear them at night and sometimes see the aftermath in the garden but I haven't spied one yet.

    I've gone organic in my garden which basically equates to just shrugging my shoulders when a plant is infested in bugs instead of thinking what to do about it. A shrub doing badly because it is covered in black fly is giving the blue tits easy pickings right now.

    Well your post makes me want a house and a garden and to live in the UK. That's mighty impressive.
  2. In Topic: Disposition of the Emperor's Forces

    07 May 2022 - 01:47 AM

    Vancouver, BC. Going to Saskatoon tomorrow. Prefer not to go to the USA cause I'm Iranian and afraid of American border security.
  3. In Topic: The Russia Politics and War in Ukraine Thread

    24 February 2022 - 05:53 AM

    This is a terrifying, full-scale invasion. It seems like Putin intends to occupy the entire country.
  4. In Topic: The Canada Politics Thread

    12 February 2022 - 08:36 AM

    View PostMentalist, on 11 February 2022 - 10:30 PM, said:

    Injunction issued for Windsor border crossing, to take effect 7 PM.

    Ionno, I think the simplest thing to do is politely take names, and then serve each adult there with a 100k fine and put a lien on everything they own, including those trucks.

    Alternatively, they can tear gas the area (like the RCMP are so fond of doing to indigenous land protectors in BC), kettle the protestors away from their trucks once they are running away, and have sane truck drivers open up the barricade. This is not an unsolvable problem if the police wanted to solve it.


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  1. Photo


    10 Oct 2022 - 13:05
    Interesting times in Iran atm eh? So many people dying. :(
    Think it will lead to anything? Hope your family back there are all ok.
  2. Photo


    15 Feb 2022 - 11:44
    I wish I could claim it was me but it was Google translate. Just hoped you might like it on your birthday and I'm glad you did. :)
  3. Photo


    13 Feb 2022 - 14:36
    تولدت مبارک
    is that right?
  4. Photo


    13 Feb 2022 - 14:35
    and another one ticks over, hope it's a good one.
  5. Photo


    14 Feb 2021 - 02:57
    and so on and so forth. Hope all's well. Have a good one.
  6. Photo


    13 Feb 2020 - 20:11
    Happy even
  7. Photo


    13 Feb 2020 - 20:10
    Happt Valenbirthday
  8. Photo


    14 Feb 2019 - 08:33
    Has it been another year already? My goodness ... Happy birthday.
  9. Photo


    14 Feb 2018 - 09:08
    That time of year again
  10. Photo

    Tiste Simeon 

    09 May 2017 - 11:45
    Hey just saw your comment on my profile, thank you!
  11. Photo


    11 Feb 2017 - 07:48
    Sorry, that rep was meant to be positive.
  12. Photo


    17 Dec 2016 - 20:42
    Heh, can't argue with that
  13. Photo


    14 Feb 2016 - 03:01
    Happy birthday :)
  14. Photo


    18 Apr 2015 - 09:24
    Something happened today that even 10 years ago I thought I'd never see: our female Foreign Minister dropped in on yours for a chat. Hopefully the start of something good. :)
  15. Photo


    14 Apr 2015 - 02:19
    Hello and thank you for the kind words.
    I used to be a real jerk in discussions. Age, experience and my successes/failures have led me to take more time thinking about things and taking better positions on things. Glad you appreciate the results of that process.
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