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  1. In Topic: Weinstein Celebrity Dead Pool

    17 June 2020 - 04:51 PM

    Confidentiality. They can't discuss information regarding their client, even indirectly. If a client is lying the lawyer who finds out can't disclose it to the world.
  2. In Topic: Ferguson / USA Race Violence / Etc

    02 June 2020 - 08:45 PM

    The problem with chemical weapons is that they are indiscriminate. They affect peaceful participants and non-participants and can be lethal to the vulnerable. That is the reason why they are banned.

    Further, just because the US made a reservation while joining the treaty does not make the treaty invalid or tear gas an appropriate riot suppression tactic. It's just typical US hypocrisy.
  3. In Topic: Ferguson / USA Race Violence / Etc

    02 June 2020 - 08:37 PM

    What Obdigore said. You can't excuse it by saying it's not as bad as other chemical weapons. It is also a violation of art. 21 of the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to tear gas peaceful protestors. Systematic and widespread violations of article 21 are crimes against humanity.

    So not only a war crime but also a crime against humanity.
  4. In Topic: Ferguson / USA Race Violence / Etc

    01 June 2020 - 04:22 AM

    I'm sorry Cause but I don't think you're getting the entire point of these protests.

    The point is that the cops are using their power granted to them by the law to systematically oppress certain groups of people. When people protest, the cops fail to do their legal duty to facilitate that protest and instead react with a level of violence only matched by that of the most heinous dictatorships in the world. In fact, even in Iran, when the police and military were brutally repressing protesters a few months ago, no one started shooting at people's homes.

    Your response to this situation is that, "yeah, I know the cops have their knee on your brother's neck, but if one of 'em tells you to bend over you should bend over because they are the cops."

    If you bend over at what point does anything change? for one and a half century blacks in America have been trying to reach something resembling equality with everyone else. Everything they have done during Jim Crow, the 20s, and the Civil Rights Movement has only done so much. They are still disadvantaged in almost every sense that it is possible to be disadvantaged in. At some point, you have to admit that this system is not just.

    So the choice here is between protecting tyranny or admitting that it should be done away with. I don't have any trouble saying the people patrolling black neighborhood in riot gear and tanks are the bad guys and I have absolutely no sympathy for them. "I was only following orders" & "peace and security" justify very little.
  5. In Topic: Ferguson / USA Race Violence / Etc

    31 May 2020 - 01:47 AM

    Sorry to bring the convo back to the rioting issue, but I thought this would be interesting to share:



    Friends outside of our city watching the news and seeing it burn - please understand that you are NOT getting the full picture - not even close. From individuals, activists, and leaders we respect who have been on the front lines of the protest or filling support roles, we are hearing that a lot of the fires being started the last few nights (and probably even some on the night this all started) were NOT started by protestors. We have black-owned businesses in North that were burned last night - and we had zero protest actions occur on the Northside. These were targeted fires on very obviously black-owned businesses - those protesting police violence against black lives, did NOT start these. There are also white men captured on camera that protestors did not recognize starting some of these fires. Some of these are out-of-control, often white, protestors who aren't listening to black leaders who are telling them to stop (there have been some reports of this), or individuals willfully starting fires to turn opinion against the protests (again, some captured on video and clearly not with the protestors). Don't let them do this! No matter what, people are more important than property, and we should NEVER (I'm talking to my fellow white people here) critique how people express their anger and fear that they or their loved one could be next at the hands of a cop. But we also must realize that there are those who are supposedly "equally outraged by both" Posted Image - the murder of George Floyd and the destruction of property. THOSE are the ones that these people are starting the fires for. Those are the ones they are hoping to muddle this issue for. Please don't let them do that either. If you hear folks critiquing the fires and looting, please share this info with them - much of it is not the protestors. Don't let this distract you from the real issue here - a black man's life was taken, our city's police force has a deeply racist history and a proven white nationalist at the helm of its union, and our black brothers and sisters have NEVER felt safe here. Those of us with privilege are just seeing this so starkly now, many for the first time.

    Obviously, this is unconfirmed claims by a private individual and not a reputable news source, so take it with however much salt you want to take. However, from my work this past year on the freedom of assembly (I was working with a member of the Human Rights Committee in developing the HRC general comment on the topic), I know that agents provocateur are nothing new and have always been there. They are people who try to steer assemblies towards violence to deprive them of legitimacy and legal protection.

    In fact, it is the State's responsibility under international law to stop such attempts at derailing peaceful assemblies and ensure individuals can assemble without threat of violence.


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    13 Feb 2020 - 20:11
    Happy even
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    13 Feb 2020 - 20:10
    Happt Valenbirthday
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    14 Feb 2019 - 08:33
    Has it been another year already? My goodness ... Happy birthday.
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    14 Feb 2018 - 09:08
    That time of year again
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    Tiste Simeon 

    09 May 2017 - 11:45
    Hey just saw your comment on my profile, thank you!
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    11 Feb 2017 - 07:48
    Sorry, that rep was meant to be positive.
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    Heh, can't argue with that
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    14 Feb 2016 - 03:01
    Happy birthday :)
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    18 Apr 2015 - 09:24
    Something happened today that even 10 years ago I thought I'd never see: our female Foreign Minister dropped in on yours for a chat. Hopefully the start of something good. :)
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    14 Apr 2015 - 02:19
    Hello and thank you for the kind words.
    I used to be a real jerk in discussions. Age, experience and my successes/failures have led me to take more time thinking about things and taking better positions on things. Glad you appreciate the results of that process.
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    24 Mar 2015 - 11:10
    How could I forget after we dicussed in chat how much more sense it makes to start a new year in spring instead of winter. ;)
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    23 Mar 2015 - 13:37
    I know I'm three days late, but anyway:
    Happy New Year, Emmy. :)
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    29 Nov 2014 - 20:58
    ha, awesome. That is pretty normal in my neck of the woods (Theoryland); I had read them about that many times between the time I read WH in 2001 and the time I joined Theoryland in late 2004. I've lost count of how many times I've reread them; I'm about to start again soon to brush up for JordanCon in April.
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    29 Nov 2014 - 14:29
    Are you a WoT fan? Or just happy to know a real fan exists? :D
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    15 Nov 2014 - 02:25
    Yep all true. :)
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