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  1. In Topic: Lock down Mafia?

    10 May 2020 - 12:34 PM

    Using an alt is one of the staples of Malazan Mafia. This could be our last game. I humbly request we break out the old gems one last time. People vote by player identity, and I'm not just speaking of myself, instead of voting with their true feelings without the alts.

    I miss looking to find which Malazan Character I'll be given.
  2. In Topic: The Letter for the King

    02 April 2020 - 02:02 PM

    The scene of the monastery in the lightning was beuatiful though, and the speech given by the monk was good.
  3. In Topic: The Letter for the King

    02 April 2020 - 01:53 PM

    It IS a bit simple. It reminds me of the Dragonlance novels. They were great when I was a young teen. Its still somehow entertaining me so far.
  4. In Topic: Lock down Mafia?

    26 March 2020 - 01:33 PM

    Splendid idea ol' chap!
  5. In Topic: COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus, aka 2019-nCoV)

    19 March 2020 - 04:01 AM

    View PostLinearPhilosopher, on 19 March 2020 - 03:48 AM, said:

    So rumors are the two week suspension of school after the march break (next week) will be postponed further.

    MEanwhile on a day to day basis things just keep geting worse. From restauraunts being reccomended to only have half capacity to close unless they do take out.

    Now borders are closed to non-essential traffic, state of emergency and everything is shutting down. Gas is down to less than 80 cents a liter, even my brother can't remember the last time it was that low (i feel bad for filling up at 89c on saturday). Now while working from home in the short run is great for my bottom line, (work remotely and can stay home, no pay for gas or 407 fees), and in an economic downturn my company does better... but if this quarantine stuff doesn't get lifted after a few weeks i have some serious concerns about my pay check. Work is still coming in but for how long...?

    Im seriously hoping that by end of march we start seeing some good signs.

    The positive is the goverment just announcement payroll relief subsidy for QSBCs and are expanding EI.

    You, me, and half the Nation.

    In North and South Carolina, ALL restaurants and bars were forced to close and/or do delivery only.

    That's a lot of people out of work all at once.


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    18 Dec 2019 - 04:54
    Thank you kindly!
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    12 Nov 2019 - 09:12
    Happy birthday
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    12 Nov 2012 - 23:36
    Happy birthday, have a nice day :) long time dont see you :(
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    Sir Thursday 

    31 Jul 2012 - 23:50
    Unfortunately I just can't afford to spend time playing Mafia right now...but at some point I'll be back to lead you to victory (or crushing defeat, as the case may be).
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    29 Jun 2012 - 22:01
    have fun in there
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    Studious Lock 

    29 Jun 2012 - 21:41
    hehehe, i love you too man ;)
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    29 Jun 2012 - 21:21
    ST is my BFF. No haters, please.
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    Sir Thursday 

    03 Jun 2012 - 12:15
    Wall counter-invasion commencing...
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    20 May 2012 - 00:50
    Sure thang. As long as there is no drug test.
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    Gust Hubb 

    19 May 2012 - 22:25
    Interested in joining PEN?
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