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  1. What is Political Correctness

    31 July 2019 - 12:24 AM

    So, i get the feeling some of this may have been covered in other threads. In that case I apologise for the spam or redundancy.

    I do believe this topic deserves discussion in specific.

    The term is thrown out a lot. A while back i was watching the Munk Debate on the subject where debating against the proposition was well known troglodyte and internet troll Jordan Peterson, with Stephen Fry, a man of many fields and much renown and very much a classic liberal in the Lockian sense of the word. The debate was amusing, but devoid of any serious content and found myself disappointed that aside from a few sound bites, it was a rather shallow affair.

    Fast forward to today, I am still confused as to what PC means. Growing up, I'd always thought the term referred to how politicians will often avoid saying certain things for fear of being controversial, or using words to mollify certain events and downplay them so as to avoid escalation. something like, Russia's saying we don't have troops in the area, it's just a bunch of grass roots volunteers.

    Now, i've seen PC used to refer to everything from assaults on free speech, an inability to utter tastless jokes (which i enjoy thoroughly might i add) to "can't go around and say that Obama's a Muslim" to a grand conspiracy to censor the right wing. I've seen it used to refer to transgenderism as well.

    Based off this wide variety of instances, the only thing i can conclude PC means, "is anything the speaker sees as a unified movement whose purpose is to restrict speech that runs counter to the speakers fundamental beliefs".

    At which point, it's a term devoid of meaning as it refers to pretty much anything you want and has little coherence speaker to speaker.

    But enough rambling, what are the forum's thoughts on the topic.



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    31 Mar 2020 - 21:04
    happy birthday
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    11 Sep 2012 - 17:44
    Keep your spoilers off my profile too, while you're at it.
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    11 Sep 2012 - 17:41
    Mentioning anything at all that is revealed in later books is a spoiler. It's not all about plot. Explanation enough?
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    09 Nov 2011 - 04:27
    I worked in a bookstore for a summer in college and came across this plain white galley of MoI. Read it, cuz it was a big honkin' book. Loved it, went GotM and then DG in that order.
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