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  1. Battle Ground SPOILERS OF DOOM discussion topic

    30 September 2020 - 05:46 PM

    This time with actual doom.

    Let's get the big one out of the way: MURPHY! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    I'm kind of sceptical that she'll never come back though even though Butcher outright stated she cannot.

    She shoulda gone down fighting though. It was kind of Fridgy the way she got killed by Rudolf just to have Harry lose his shit and have to be taken and talked down, for foreshadowing later in the series.

    I'm not sure Marcone as a Denarian really makes sense- surely someone woulda noticed before now? But characterwise it both mostly makes sense and serves as a timely reminder that he's not a good guy.

    Anyway the battle itself was FUCKING. EPIC. Goes down as an all-timer fantasy battle. Butters and Sanya MVPs. Not really an awful lot to say about it right now but seriously.

    Harry being booted from the White Council is kinda expected. Harry being put under Doom of Ebenezar is harsh.

    Other thoughts as they come to me I guess.
  2. Peace Talks SPOILER OF DOOM-filled discussion thread

    15 July 2020 - 06:54 PM

    That there was rather awesome, although the fact of it being two books split in one does show. I'm not convinced Butcher initially intended the Ebenezar-Harry fight to go here, or at least the way it did, but he needed some kind of climactic confrontation with the actual climactic confrontation now being a whole second book. Not that the fight itself didn't work, but it did feel like (rare for Butcher) the characters were being railroaded into it some.

    Lot of early reactions assumed Ebenezar was gonna die. He might yet do so in the war of course, but I thought that was gonna be too obvious for Butcher and that did prove true.

    I hadn't realised previously that the Fomor were out of Irish myth. I quite like the link between that and the Cthulu mythos though.

    On some points raised in the other thread:

    View PostChance, on 15 July 2020 - 06:20 PM, said:

    View PostSkywalker, on 15 July 2020 - 01:10 PM, said:

    there's almost certainly hints in here about the identity of Mab before she got the Mantle, right? I didn't dwell on it much because there was epic $hit going down in the meantime, and she'd just been acquainted with some walls. Someone from Arthurian legend I reckon. possibly Guinevere? Did anyone else figure that one out?

    I'd go for Morgana once the apperentice of Merlin for symetry with Molly in so many ways. At the same time if I remember right they say she came with the conqueror which would make her a french/normand person possibly not associated with arthuric mythos thought that is also implied.

    Morgan Le Fay makes the most sense out of available information, but in most stories it was Merlin whow as more in love with her than the other way around, and the same goes for Nimue. Not familiar enough with Arthurian myth to think of a figure who Merlin cast out that could fit, and like you say the Conqueror reference doesn't really fit Arturian myth.



    Also I have one crazy theory for early-ish in the book: Thomas was not trying to say "Justine" when Dresden shushed him right after the assassination attempt. What if he was saying "Justin". as in freaking DuMorne?

    That would just be rather awesome but also problematic.

    I didn't think of it myself but the thought did cross my mind that we hadn't heard any thoughts on a potential Justin for a while and that he may well be in this book, so yeah, as soon as I saw you raise the prospect I thought that's bang on. Increasing my sureness is that Harry is very carefully not shown wondering overmuch about why the fuck Thomas would ever do such a thing, almost as if Butcher wants to draw us away from the question, and whether it's Justin or not I'm positive that the King isn't who he says he is.

    Anyway, BIG stuff for next time. People are gonna be dying. Better not be Murph. That even fricking Odin and Ferrovax shit their pants at Ethniu's presence is a thing. Marcone, not nice as he is, is a fucking badass. Ferrovax is flipping out, Marcone's just like 'yeah and what' and organising the defence within fifteen seconds.

    One detail I'm not fond of Ethnui being labelled a Titan when she's not. But oh well minor ting.



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    22 Jul 2020 - 07:25
    And again. Hope it's a good one.
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    22 Jul 2019 - 08:30
    Ermagerd, another year rolls around. Happy birthday.
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    Happy beerthday
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