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  1. Malazan meet up- quarantine style!

    30 March 2020 - 02:48 AM

    Anyone interested in breaking the boredom and stepping outside, at least in the virtual world, and meeting up with me in cyber space.

    We can try have a meetup in a zoom room, perhaps this Saturday, I'll try figure out a time that works with all the time zones.
  2. All my mmeories are in third person

    05 August 2019 - 05:30 PM

    I am just curious. I never really thought about it before, but last night I got curious and did some research.

    In my case all my memories are in third person. A memory of me at the movies with my three friends discussing the movie, will be a picture of me standing in a circle with those friends. I remember who was there, I remember who said what and where everyone stood but its not a true memory obviously because I cant have been watching myself. All my memories are like this. Never really thought anything about it. Apparently its not uncommon but many people do have memories from the first person perspective, they remember what they saw through their eyes.

  3. Make a Wish

    23 July 2019 - 08:30 AM

    I was reading something about the make a wish foundation and it just got me wondering, what I would wish for. I realize I'm a little old for the foundation but just on general principle, for fun, what would you wish for? I don't know if the foundation has like a wish menu or they will try make anything you ask for come true but I think we can all sort of understand the rules, you cant ask for world peace, or for a million dollars. It seems to be who would you want to meet, where would you want to go. I once saw a guy get early beta access to the new Smash Brothers when he told Nintendo he might not live to see the release. They sent a company representive to babysit the code while he played it at his house with friends.

    I was thinking that I cant really think of anything. There is no celevrity who I think I really want to meet so badly that they would improe my mood if dying. I don't worship athletes, I enjoy movies but am not really concerned with the life of the actors. Disney world would be cool but not life altering. I guess a week long vacation to japan, india, china (somewhere unique) might be awesome to see before I die, providing I was able to get around. Nothing jumps out at me as must do before I die.

    Whats your wish?

    Edit- The smashbrothers one gave me an idea, I want to read the manuscript for peace talks!
  4. Sex as a bussiness

    19 July 2019 - 09:17 AM

    So thanks to 9GAG I now know about the existence of a girl in the UK called Belle Delphine (19 years old) who sells pictures of herself dressed in cosplay and non-nude erotic photos, panties and a bra etc. She has like 3 million internet followers, some of whom subscribe for anything from one dollar and up a month to receive these photos. She apparently makes around 100k pounds a month doing this. Now my first knee-jerk reaction to this story was horror, not like apparently many on the internet because she is a slut or lowlife. I am just upset that she can make more than I do in a year just posting non-nudes of herself on the internet. However many people seem to think she is a horrible slut, unworthy to live, that her life is mocking them, that she is setting back feminism. I mean she gets a lot of hate. She seems to be a marketing genius; she sold jars of her bathwater for $30 which is obviously meant as a joke, everyone who bought it, seems to have bought it so they could post mocking videos on youtube or point out how crazy it is. I doubt she cares; she still sold jars of water for $30. Again, speaking for myself I'm not alarmed by her behavior I'm mostly just envious

    Anyway, this got me thinking sex sells (female sex moreso?). It is worth money and lots of it. For centuries society and morality policed sex but that barrier is weakening. However, that barrier is falling unevenly. Emilia Clarke being topless in HBO earned her millions and no one bats an eyelid. Strippers can make a lot of money though itís considered an undesirable career and to many strippers are scummy. Prostitution is lowest on the totem pole but there are tv shows these days about escorts and dominatrixes who are self-employed and making decent money in the sex industry and making it look glamorous. Without the component of sex trafficking and a pimp who beats you, maybe itís not that bad if itís your choice. I mean I cannot actually be sure. Modern antibiotics have made stds like gonorrhea and syphilis no big thing and legal abortions have reduced the risk of an unwanted pregnancy and of course the stigma of a single mother raising a bastard has also gone away for the most part.

    Speaking of sex trafficking and pimps I believe more and more countries and US states? Are legalizing prostitution but keeping the owning and operating of a brother etc illegal as a way to not punish sex workers but try and destroy the seedier aspects of the industry.

    Lastly, I believe japan for example is famous for fetishizing schoolgirls and itís not uncommon for them to engage in prostitution for money or even just lavish gifts. Japan also has a kind of sex industry lite, where you might pay to chat or date a host or hostess though sec and even touching may be off the table. Last night I was watching a decade old Bill Maher comedy routine where he said there was a growing trend of middle class white gilrs to engage in prostitution at the mall in exchange for shopping trips. I had never heard of it before but I can believe it is true,

    In any event I hope my thought process is somewhat clear when I ask the question: If a 19 year old girl can make 100k pounds a month selling her pictures online with minimal social stigma (though why should there be) and little risk should we not expect such a trend to rise. Belle Delphine is unique, there are ten youtube vloggers for everyone that is really making money of their content but I do not think that invalidates my point.

    Lastly, if the trend does grow I would expect supply and demand to weaken their selling power but honestly, in a world of freely available internet porn I am at a loss to explain why people would pay money for a sexy non-nude of a girl dressed like a cat
  5. Pity for the Poor

    17 July 2019 - 09:13 AM

    Okay so I don't want to come out as anti-poor. However, Two news stories recently have been grabbing my attention lately and I find myself reacting opposite to how the stories intend me to.

    First Story: The shipping industry

    With Amazon prime day around the corner a lot is being made about Amazons promise of 2 day delivery and how as a giant in their field they are forcing all other delivery companies to match the standard. I have seen multiple articles on news sites such as cnn and one show by John Oliver high lighting how this is affecting workers negatively (I once saw a south park episode too that's just came back to me in a flashback). One of the aspects John oliver covered in depth was that the workers must regularly walk up to 40 000 steps a day. Now I have a sedentary job as a scientist but in a good day, walking to the office canteen and back, walking from lab to lab, walking in the lab, fetching consumables etc I cover 10 000 steps according to my phone and Samsung watch. According to an online converter 10000 steps is about 7.5 km and 40 000 steps is about 30km. Maybe I'm wrong but my first though on hearing this was that this doesn't seem so terrible. Now of course I don't regularly walk 30 km a day, the only time I have is when I was in London, japan and new York on vacation and I used public transport and walking as my primary transport. I regularly walked 30km a day for up to two weeks and yes the souls of my feet were killing me, I would soak them in hot water and massage them when I got home at night but I eventually adapted.

    Now don't get me wrong, it sounds like a terrible job but I am more horrified by the mind numbing drudgery that being a human robot collecting items off of shelves would be. Is paying people with the twin skills of being able to walk and read 15 $ an hour or more really exploitative? I'm willing to agree no one needs 1 day shipping standard, two days is more than acceptable. The only part of the storyI really found horrifying was the way that you have to strategically plan your bathroom breaks to prevent losing time. I personally, I'm sure all of us, sometimes hear natures call with little warning and I haven't felt the need to ask permission since I was in primary school.

    Second Story: Disney

    So CNN yesterday reported that Abigail Disney (a descendent of walt Disney but not involved in running the company) went undercover at Disney park (California I believe) and said what she saw shocked her. The workers apparently told her its hard to always have to pretend to be happy and then go home and rummage through their neighbours garbage for food to eat. Disneys response was to point out that the lowest starting pay as a Disney employee is 15 $ and hour and goes up from their. Again that means the lowest employee earns the federal minimum wage and 3 $ more an hour than California minimum wage. Maybe I'm missing something but that strikes me as fair. Minimum wage in my country is 1.5$ an hour and while I know their are differences and you cant compare countries directly and I would never want to be in that position myself in south Africa its hard for me to imagine someone earning 15 $ an hour having to eat garbage.


    Anyway both stories somehow failed to provoke my pity or sympathy and got me wondering if we don't have a kneejerk reaction this days to being anti big corporates or the man etc. Maybe I shouldn't be judging American workers by my South African standards? Obviously we want the world to always be advancing and for everyones quality of life to always be improving but neither of these two stories moved me to sympathy for these wrokers plights.


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