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  1. In Topic: The USA politics thread -

    Yesterday, 10:24 AM

    View Postworry, on 16 February 2019 - 07:13 AM, said:

    I didn't hear of the "more money than" part but he did literally say he didn't need to do this but wanted to move faster, so...yeah. He also said he talked to some generals (unnamed) and they told him that the money allocated to their military operations would be better spent on the Wall, and also they told him specifically what those military purposes would be (though he didn't want to go into detail during the press conference) and he agrees with them that the Wall would be a better use of money.

    I believe in sports that is called an unforced error!

    Will he lose? Im inclined to think Yes. Will he survive another embarresment this large. Somehow Im inlined to say yes
  2. In Topic: The USA politics thread -

    Yesterday, 06:21 AM

    I saw the aclu is suing trump. Did the man really say in his speech that he has. More. Money than he know what's to do with for. Border Security and that it's not really an urgent emergency he just. Wants to move faster?
  3. In Topic: What's messing with your groove?

    15 February 2019 - 09:14 PM

    View PostAlternative Goose, on 15 February 2019 - 04:05 PM, said:

    Or we could act like grown ups and not go to another forum and act shitty because we think another person acted shittily.

    Edit: What has become of me??? Ten years ago I'd have poured gasoline on this garbage fire. I'm disappointed in myself

    The irony has occured to me but is more fun this way
  4. In Topic: What's messing with your groove?

    15 February 2019 - 03:50 PM

    View PostMorgoth, on 15 February 2019 - 02:17 PM, said:

    hahah, I found the discussion. What a twat.

    Supply the Link! lets quorl bomb the thread
  5. In Topic: What's messing with your groove?

    15 February 2019 - 08:32 AM

    View PostRaymond Luxury Yacht, on 15 February 2019 - 03:54 AM, said:

    Oh please, no need of insults and such touchiness. By your response it's fairly obvious you are not ready for Erikson. If you were sure of those authors' equal writing to Erikson's, you would name them instead of being all vague and enigmatic. And by the way - the Divine Comedy, which I've also read,has nothing on Malazan!

    I love this type of comment. Its not really a debate, its a need for attention and validation

    "And by the way - My Nobel prize acceptance speech, which I've also read, has nothing on Maalazan! I'm smart!" - Cause

    Post the link for FB and lets save the fandom


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