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  1. In Topic: Steven Erikson to start writing Walk in Shadow

    25 July 2020 - 05:18 PM

    View PostAbyss, on 23 July 2020 - 06:51 PM, said:

    View Postblackzoid, on 23 July 2020 - 01:53 PM, said:

    Awesome! I was worried the trilogy would be uncompleted. While I did have my complaints about the series as is, I think seeing the full picture of it might alleviate a lot of them

    Same same.
  2. In Topic: Quick reco request

    15 June 2020 - 11:25 PM

    Maybe try Manga for a change. Lone Wolf and Cub series
  3. In Topic: Quick reco request

    15 June 2020 - 11:23 PM

    If he is a bit of rake :-) with a sense of humor, you can look at the "Flashman papers". A tad historical but they are fast paced.

    Probably even the Path to Ascendancy
  4. In Topic: Epic battle

    14 June 2020 - 09:51 PM

    Maybe Hood can roll out Dasem, or maybe bring out the Seguleh Second. Otherwise there is no chance for Hood
  5. In Topic: Andorion trying to catch up

    11 June 2020 - 08:32 PM

    View PostAndorion, on 11 June 2020 - 12:40 AM, said:

    View Postnacht, on 10 June 2020 - 10:53 PM, said:

    View PostAndorion, on 10 June 2020 - 04:20 PM, said:

    Hey guys so I have been MIA for a while.

    To start with I was super busy at work in January and February, and then the Corona hit, and lockdown started and I had to change over to working from home....
    Suffice to say I went into a bit of a funk and sort of signed out off a bunch of stuff.

    But then again, I have not caught Covid (so far) and the family is ok, and I have been reading a lot. So its not all doom and gloom

    How is everyone? Is everyone ok? What with the pandemic and everything, this place has been on my mind a lot recently.

    Whatcha reading (or have read recently)

    Since I am stuck at home, my reading has gone up by a lot.

    Most recent reads are Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon.

    The Gurkha and the Lord of Tuesday by Saad Hossein

    Los Nefilim and Where Oblivion Lives by T Frohock

    All were good, Orange Tree felt smushed, it should have been a duology, I like Gurkha the most

    Will check out the Gurkha.

    Have you read "The far pavilions" MM Kaye.
    I enjoyed it :-)



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