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  1. TI4 Game 8 Signup

    15 April 2021 - 12:56 PM

    Depending on how many players we have, I'm likely going to pull a tournament map from Space Cats Peace Turtles, and we're going to try a 14 point game, just to see how it goes.

    If we get enough signups quickly enough, we can likely start on Monday! :)

    1) Morgoth
    2) Tattersail
    3) Khellendros
    4) IH
    5) Drek
    6) Tapper
    7) Twelve

    Game Map

    Alright, randomized order of play (Table Order) is: Drek > Tattersail > Khellendros > Twelve > Morgoth > Tapper > IH

    You guys can start drafting now. As a reminder, we are doing a snake draft for factions and starting positions. That means Drek chooses either her starting position or her faction, then Tatts and so on until we reach IH who will choose both his faction and his starting position, then Tapper will choose whatever he hasn't chosen yet, and so on until we make our way back up to Drek.

    The Speaker token will be randomized at game start.

    Drek: Starting Position # 7; Hacan
    Tattersail: Starting Position # 3; L1Z1X
    Khellendros: VuilRaith Cabal; Position # 2
    Twelve: Starting Position # 1; Mahact Gene-Sorcerers
    Morgoth: Starting Position # 5; Sardakk N'orr
    Tapper: Starting Position # 6; Letnev
    IH: Starting Position # 4; Muaat
  2. Help me build a PC?

    01 February 2021 - 03:12 PM

    So, I'm pretty good at putting stuff together, but I have no idea where to even start when it comes to choosing the components I need for a decent PC. From the little research I've done online so far, I've found that I need to purchase the following in addition to the case:

    Central processing unit (CPU)
    Memory (RAM)
    Graphics processing unit (GPU)
    Power supply unit (PSU)
    System cooling
    System cooling
    Gaming peripherals
    Operating system(OS)

    ...I've started looking at different components online, and honestly, I have no idea what's good and what's bad. I'd like to be able to play games, but I don't need top of the line gaming PC stuff, just, you know, decent. I have a budget of about 1.5K, so I feel like I should really be able to put something decent together.

    So, I know yall helped someone with this a couple years back, so can yall help me with it now? What should I be looking for? Why?
  3. TI4 Game 6 Signups

    02 November 2020 - 03:57 PM

    I'll mod this one, and will use the same map generator that Drek used to create the map assuming we remain at 6 or less players!

    Same rules as last game, you are expected to check in at least once every 24 hours to ensure that the pace of the game remains the same. If you disappear for longer than 24 hours, I will post your move for you, using your provisionals as best I can if they exist.

    Also, will be using all the Omega stuff - action cards, techs, etc.

    1. D'rek
    2. Twelve
    3. IH
    4. Morgoth Blend
    5. Tatts


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    19 Aug 2021 - 08:34
    and again, even though 2021 hasn't done much to improve on 2020. At least we have vaccines though.
  2. Photo


    18 Aug 2020 - 20:24
    happy birthday, may the rest of 2020 be better for all of us
  3. Photo


    19 Aug 2019 - 08:35
    That time of year again, hope it was a good one.
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    18 Aug 2018 - 21:32
    happy birthday old bean
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    18 Jul 2017 - 07:45
    I confess to feeling a little disappointed you didn't seem to get the larger point I was making in that post. Oh well.
  6. Photo


    18 Aug 2012 - 14:16
    Happy birthday mate ... almost the big 30. Tempus fugit, eh? Hope you have a great day :)
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    21 Apr 2010 - 19:51
    thanks for the rep Blend. Just seems to me that their was a fundamental shift in the barghast between reapers gale where they are kind of noble savages to just downright horrifying savages of DOD.
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    22 Jan 2010 - 21:27
    In regards to the "Kelanved and Dancer" pic... it's obviously Dancer with "the rope".
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