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  1. In Topic: TI4 Game 4C Signups

    01 October 2019 - 10:20 PM

    View PostJazzarm, on 01 October 2019 - 10:09 PM, said:

    Alright, it sounds like I tried to reinvent the wheel with my talk about extra blue tiles, haha.

    I think as long as we get the same amount of cultural/hazardous/industrial planets per player on average as in a 6-player game there should be no need to increase the requirements of those objectives. Not to mention 6 of the same is already one of the easier objectives to deny. A quick planet head count reveals 11 Hazardous, 11 Industrials, 10 Culturals. Remove Saudor and Vefut and you're down to 10 of each. As long as there are around 15 of each in this 9p map the objectives can remain unchanged. If we're adding significantly more planets there's reason to consider increasing the requirements.

    That's actually a very good point, I hadn't considered the additional players when thinking of the objective. Thanks for pointing that out!

    With the tiles I am planning to make tonight, we would end up with 17 Industrials, 17 Hazardous and 15 Culturals. I think that should be fine, yeah?
  2. In Topic: TI4 Game 4C Signups

    01 October 2019 - 07:35 PM

    I really like Jazzarm's suggestion of having a ban phase and reducing the pool of factions down to 10 as a way of making a snake draft a little more equitable.

    I'd appreciate other people's opinions! It's open to discussion until we get past the map building phase. I plan to create the new planet tiles tonight then SHOULD be able to send everyone their slice colour and tiles, so I'm hoping to be able to create the map by tomorrow evening, at which point I will make a decision on how we draft based on everyone's input in here!
  3. In Topic: TI4 Game 4C Signups

    01 October 2019 - 07:17 PM

    View PostJazzarm, on 01 October 2019 - 05:56 PM, said:

    View PostBlend, on 01 October 2019 - 03:53 PM, said:

    I am not opposed to drafting differently, but from what I've read online, a snake draft is widely considered to be the fairest way to do it.

    Anyone have any objections to IH's above suggestion?

    I think snake draft is the fairest way in 6p bc if you do the standard tts/tournament draft you first create a pool of 7 factions to pick from with a ban phase and a nomination phase. So now if you firstpick the best slice you will only get to choose between the 2 factions everyone else leaves behind.

    With a 9p snake draft the firstpick will still have a choice of 9 factions after fp'ing a slice (17-8). That might be a bit imbalanced. A solution could be to ban 7 factions before the snake draft begins. Maybe everyone sends a private message to our host with 5 factions they nominate to ban, and the 7 factions with the most votes are banned? Now you snake draft with a pool of 10 factions and picking first has some choices to make.

    I think that would be a more fair system than giving fp the choice of slice and faction as IH suggests, because now they get a top tier slice/faction and even though other players get to 'counterpick' their faction choice it's still a huge advantage.

    As for tiles, I like 27 blue tiles (3 per player just like in 6p) but only 20 exist. One way to add 7 new blue tiles is to use the home systems of unpicked factions. They would not count as home systems for the purpose of conquer the weak and action cards. Another way is to use custom tiles or duplicate existing blue tiles (bereg/lirta5 anyone?). Custom tiles are cool too, BGG has planets that tech skip any color but only for unit upgrades, and planets where you draw an action card when you gain control. You can also borrow planets from ti3.

    We actually already have 11 custom tiles that have been created for previous 9-player games, which brings our number of tiles with planets on them (blue tiles as you name them) to 31 + the 2 wormhole tiles. If you want to see what they look like, go check out the map from Game 3. Our custom tiles are Mansa III, Gwynan, Tura Nora, Ensapta, Lodd Eru, Daemon, Nevant, Silvano, Zej Rajja, Herrah VI and Everra (which is a planet in a nebula).

    I'm thinking of adding 3 more tiles with planets on them (I'm looking at everything currently in the game to ensure balance), which means we would have 34 planet tiles, 2 wormhole tiles, 2 Supernovas, 2 Nebulae (+the Nebula planet tile that we created), 2 Gravity Rifts, 4 asteroid tiles and 8 blank tiles, which if I mathed correctly would bring us to the 54 tiles we need. PLUS we have the Mallice tile which exists off the main board.

    Right now, we have one 4/0 planet in our custom tiles (Daemon), so I thought I'd add another 4/0 planet tile, and then two 3 planet tiles (keeping in mind that I'd be balancing the number of planet traits as well as balancing the total resources/influence to keep around the same ratio as was previously in the game).

    The reason for the first (addition of a 4/0) is because right now any time someone gets the action card that allows them to exhaust someone's planet in order to gain the resources from that planet always gets used against Daemon. A second planet, I think, would help balance that.

    The reason for the second and third is cause I thought it'd be fun to have a couple of 3-planet tiles on the board.

    If I add that many planets, though, I think I would have to modify the objectives where you have to own X amount of planets with the same planetary trait to add 1 more for the 1VP objectives and 2 more for the 2VP objectives, because altogether including the tiles we've already custom made, we'd be adding about 5 of each planet trait to the overall game board.
  4. In Topic: TI4 Game 4C Signups

    01 October 2019 - 04:57 PM

    View PostJazzarm, on 01 October 2019 - 04:50 PM, said:

    9 players?! This is gonna get crazy and I already love it and dread it at the same time.
    Is the plan to start the game (first turn) Monday, or start map building/set-up at that time?

    I am hoping to get the map built and starting location and race selection done throughout this week so that Round 1 Strategy Phase starts on Monday.

    That, of course, depends on everyone being timely in getting everything to me after I've sent out PMs to everyone, but I think we should be able to manage it! :)
  5. In Topic: TI4 Game 4C Signups

    01 October 2019 - 04:40 PM

    So just for the hell of it, I think I'm gonna create 2-4 new hexes. As it stands, we have 43 hexes including all the anomalies and blank hexes. We need 54 to fill the map. I could just add 9 anomalies and blanks, but I think it would be more fun if I added maybe 3 new planet hexes, 3 anomalies and blanks. Thoughts?

    Anyone have any suggestions on what we could use more of in the game? You know, without breaking it?


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    19 Aug 2019 - 08:35
    That time of year again, hope it was a good one.
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    18 Aug 2018 - 21:32
    happy birthday old bean
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    18 Jul 2017 - 07:45
    I confess to feeling a little disappointed you didn't seem to get the larger point I was making in that post. Oh well.
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    18 Aug 2012 - 14:16
    Happy birthday mate ... almost the big 30. Tempus fugit, eh? Hope you have a great day :)
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    21 Apr 2010 - 19:51
    thanks for the rep Blend. Just seems to me that their was a fundamental shift in the barghast between reapers gale where they are kind of noble savages to just downright horrifying savages of DOD.
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    22 Jan 2010 - 21:27
    In regards to the "Kelanved and Dancer" pic... it's obviously Dancer with "the rope".
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