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  1. In Topic: Identities, theories, predictions

    05 August 2019 - 12:29 AM

    View PostSiergiej, on 22 May 2016 - 07:53 PM, said:

    All predictions and crazy theories are spread across different threads, so I thought bringing them together would make it easier to navigate and debate. For the sake of formality: heavy spoilers.

    Happy to start!

    Dragnipur & Draconus

    We have already seen the cart, but I don't think it will we have a larger role to play in Walk in Shadow. I wouldn't be surprised if we've already seen all of Draconus in Kharkanas Trilogy. And even if he reappears, we won't learn how he got chained. There's still A LOT of story to be told before the Tiste invasion on Wu, and AFAIR from Reaper's Gale intro, Anomander does not wield Dragnipur yet during the invasion. Maybe after Mother Dark turns from the Andii (because of Eleint blood?) she returns to Elemental Darkness to Draconus and then he creates the sword?

    There is this quote from Midnight Tides, it's by Fear Sengar though, so likely unreliable as we know Edur mythology to be twisted:


    'Kaschan sorcery was sent into the warren of Mother Dark, like a plague. Thus was sealed the gate from Kurald Galain to every other realm. Thus was Mother Dark driven into the very core of the Abyss, witness to an endless swirl of light surrounding her – all that she would one day devour, until the last speck of matter vanishes into her. Annihilating Mother Dark. Thus the Kaschan, who are long dead, set upon Mother Dark a ritual that will end in her murder. When all Light is gone. When there is naught to cast Shadow, and so Shadow too is doomed to die.

    I imagine this to be a possible timeline:
    1. Draconus retreats to Elemental Darkness (end of FoL)
    2. Civil war is reignited (Huun Raal? Osserc's comeback?)
    3. Tiste awaken to their draconic blood or drink Eleint blood
    4. MD turns on them
    5. Sundering of Emulrahn occurs and somehow pushes Tiste to flee to Wu
    6. K'Chain unleash Kaschan ritual against Darkness-aspected sorcery to protect themselves from Tiste magic during the invasion
    7. The ritual lets Chaos breach Elemental Darkness, Draconus puts the cart in motion to give MD a way to flee

    Errastas & Sechul Lath

    I looked at the Tor re-read of RG and the fragment with Gothos mentioning Kilmandaros' children losing her way caught my attention. We know that Sechul Lath is her son and Errastas is his brother, though they only share the father IIRC. We know from K'rul in FoL that Errastas plans to abuse the warrens, so maybe the sundering of Emurlahn was their deed? There was also some speculation that Kilmanadaros might be Icarium's mother and we know that he 'wounded' Emurlahn, so maybe Errastas and Sechul somehow used Icarium to destroy Emurlahn? It's a long shot, but would also explain why Gothos, a suicidal recluse, was there to intervene - some sense of responsibility for Icarium's deeds?

    Also, Gothos lives nearby an Azath house that will in the future be in Letheras and it is still to welcome Silchas and Sheltatha Lore to its loving embrace. We know from Toll the Hounds that Gothos knows about Builders and exploits their power. He seems already aware of them in FoL:


    Arathan shrugged. 'It's not Jaghut script. Gothos said something about a mad Builder.'
    'The ones who make Azath Houses.'

    So Gothos might have a bigger role to play in the Wu invasion than we were shown in MT and RG.

    High King

    I think the humans are already in this world. There's this tidbit from Raest about the War on Death:


    'Thel Akai, who like a good joke,' Raest said, nodding. 'Dog-Runners, who have made sorrow a goddess of endless tears. Ilnap, who flee a usurper among their island kingdom. Forulkan, seeking the final arbiter. Jheck and Jhelarkan, ever eager for blood, even should it ooze from carrion. Petty tyrants from across the ocean, fleeing the High King's incorruptible justice. Tiste, Azathanai, Halacahi, Thelomen—'

    'Petty tyrants' are the only race not named. It might just be Erikson toying with us and avoiding saying it out loud: Kallor is already leading a human empire.

    Also, I think we get foreshadowing of Ereko's death from Hood and a Thel Akai woman Erekol:


    'Where is your son?'
    'Aboard a stout ship.'
    'In what sea?'
    'West. They ply the Furrow Strait, hunting dhenrabi.'
    'Near the High King's lands, then.'
    She shrugged. 'Thel Akai fear no one.'
    'Unwise. The High King has set his protection upon the dhenrabi, and their breeding waters.'
    'My son is safe. What matters it to you, Hood?'



    She moved away a step, and then paused and glanced back. 'What vision has found you, and what has it to do with my son?'
    'I see him in the High King's shadow. That is not a good place to be.'

    Quick Ben

    Okay, so after FoL it's not anymore a question of if but how Korya Delath becomes Quick Ben. She's a mahybe, aspected to Darkness, trained to prolong her life by absorbing souls. And she's a counter against Errastas, which is interesting.

    Haut gives Korya a finnest at some point and there might be a hint in that. Maybe when she collects a number of souls she can absorb, she locks her power in a finnest and then passes it on to the next mahybe and so it goes for millenia?


    I think it's Yedan Narad. One of the first Edur, possibly the first Watch. He is's supposed to protect the shoreline (Emurlahn in Shake!) and can see the destiny of a future Yedan. He also swears to answer Anomander's call shall he make one, and we know that both Anomander and Edgewalker will be instrumental in protecting the Throne of Shadow. And in RG intro Anomander seems to know whereabouts of Edgewalker ('Edgewalker is committed elsewhere').

    Anomander's mother

    That's the craziest one, so I left for the end. That's what Caladan tells Anomander:


    'Intentions precede our deeds, and then are left lying in the wake of those deeds. I am not the voice of posterity, Anomander Rake. Nor are you.'
    'Purake is an Azathanai word,' Brood said. 'You did not know? It was an honorific granted to your family, to your father in his youth.'
    'Why? How did he earn it?'
    The Azathanai shrugged. 'K'rul gave it. He did not share his reasons. Or, rather, "she", as K'rul is wont to change his mind's way of thinking, and so assumes a woman's guise every few centuries. He is now a man, but back then he was a woman.'

    Much later, Skillen Droe meets with K'rul at the Sidleways:


    'I heard your call, K'rul, and so here I am. I preferred you as a woman.'
    'My days of birthing are done, for a time.'
    'But not, it seems, your bleeding.'

    It's not said outright, but strongly implies that K'rul has children. What if he/she was the mother of Anomander and his brothers? Being half-Azathanai might explain why Anomander and Silchas partially defied the Mother Dark's blessing of turning black.

    Wow. I had never considerd K'rul as the mother. That'd be pretty mind-blowing. That said, I'd prefer our main big badasses to not be powerful due to their birth but by their force of will.
  2. In Topic: Possible Origin of Fener

    31 July 2019 - 10:42 PM

    Regarding him being described as variable in form: that's kind of the norm for Ascendants. Osserc is described as having tusks and being rather bestial in the prologue of RotCG, iirc. Shadowthrone very much had a body but is not varyingly insubstantial. Just saying that it's not a deal-breaker by any stretch. However, most of the time when we have an Azathanai at play in the main series, they're referred to as Elder Gods, not just gods.

    Edit: also, we get lots of evidence of gods being affected by their worshipers. So, his different forms could just be a difference in how his worshipers envisioned him in different places or in different times.


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