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"We human do not understand compassion. In each moment of our lives, we betray it. Aye,we know of its worth, yet in knowing we then attach a value, we guard the giving of it, believing it must be earned. T'lan Imass. Compassion is priceless in the truest sense of the word. It must be given freely. In abundance." pg 873 Memories of Ice
(Jen'isand Rul, the Wanderer within the Sword)
'I am the Shield Anvil.' I am Fener's grief. I am the world's grief. And I will hold. I will hold it all, for we are not yet done. <Itkovian>
'We are not born innocent, simply unmeasured.' <Hull Beddict>
'Because a god visits her, Fist. He comes to break her heart. Again and again.'<Nether>
'Fucking dragon.' <Fiddler>
Take my breath. But not this one, not this one. <Apsalar>
'Aye.' It's a good word. I think. More a whole attitude than a word, really. With lots of meaning in it, too. A bit of 'yes' and a bit of 'well fuck' and maybe some 'we're all in this together.' So a word to some up the Malazans. <Sunrise>


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    21 Jun 2009 - 15:18
    I'd like to think that if Fiddler had some time to kick back and watch some Youtube, he'd like a bit of Emmy the Great in the back of a black cab :p Mmmmm. Black cab.
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