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  1. In Topic: Ye Big Movie thread

    05 October 2019 - 09:07 PM

    Personal preferences on the table, I dont like the Joker having any origin, its much better for me if he is a mysterious force of chaos like in The Dark Knight.
    So I was always slightly miffed by the film concept. (I never was a big fan of The Killing Joke for the same reason)

    Joker was ok I guess. After all the various takes on this film and what it means for our society its much more ordinary then I expected.
    I think Joaquin Phoenix's acting has really elevated this film from what it is. And it is great acting I admit. As far as violence in the film goes, well if anyone here has watched Daredevil/Punisher on Netflix then you wont be shocked by anything at all that this film does.
    Its ok 7/10
  2. In Topic: Game of Thrones: Final Season

    10 May 2019 - 10:43 AM

    Ha, I liked this analysis:
    Basically, those ballista things Euron has mounted on his ships are actually dragon-seeking hyper-sonic railguns.
  3. In Topic: Game of Thrones: Final Season

    30 April 2019 - 06:11 PM

    I guess there is a certain suspension of disbelief that the average viewer is required to undertake when watching any show.
    As long as the tactics seem somewhat plausible, then its taken at face value even if it is equally bullshit. If it breaks suspension of disbelief too much then it breaks immersion in the show and triggers the "thats total BS instinct" which is variable for each person.

    Examples are numerious but say for example the Wakanda scene in Avengers Infinity War. The alien swarm slowly comes through the shield and is attacked from afar with projectiles and from above by Falcon and War Machine. Once they see that the swarm can circle around behind the shield and its is in danger of getting Vision from behind where their army is, they open a hole in the shield to prevent this and run forward to plug that gap. It seems somewhat plausible all the way. I saw some complaints about the tactics but not too many. If you want more direct comparisons there is of course Helms Deep where the tactics were equally plausible (though I've never been certain about the Horse charge down the embankment but of course it was a Hail-Mary move at that stage).

    By contrast, the Dothraki running forward without support at the very start of the battle goes beyond what many people can take from Hollywood-cool-tactics to stupid-moronic-tactics. There was no benefit to doing it. Its a fine balance between "I can accept that" to "this is stupid".

    Its the same way for me where I cant watch a lot of horror slasher movies anymore. The victims, even though i'm not being fair and they are emotionally traumatized, are just too stupid to live. So, the killer has been knocked down eh, and you've seen him get up already? Why are you not kicking them when they are down! Why are you now turning your back on him ?!! Thats it, I'm now on their side!

    EDIT: Maybe a good move would have been to send the Dothraki all forward in the last episode to nibble at the horde while they were still on the march and attempt to slowly whittle down some of their numbers in a safer fashion through fight and flee tactics?
  4. In Topic: Game of Thrones: Final Season

    30 April 2019 - 02:28 PM

    Hmm, thinking about it more I would have preferred the showrunners to follow less the Tolkien way, aka Saurons defeat and Scouring of the Shire as two distinct elements and more the Steve Erikson way, aka convergence of the two storylines, the White Walkers and the Iron Throne as a huge finale. Or at least bring the White Walkers past the neck so that they interact with the people of the South and dont remain some sort of Northern only myth.

    However, the way to do that would have been best to start with changes made to Season 7 so its a bit late now. Dany doesnt go to the North and starts her war with Cersei in the South and remains there, so that Jon and the rest are forced to abandon the North and retreat to the South. Dont know how the Night King gets past the Wall without his Ice Dragon though.

    I just really wanted that big Ice Creep in the opening credits to get as far as Kings Landing. Maybe a 3-sided finale with Dany/Jon versus White Walkers versus Cersei would have been great.

    Doesnt the books have some sort of prophecy or such to say that the final battle takes place at the Trident?

    EDIT: A comment from reddit I saw that hit me: "Walder Frey did more damage to the main cast than the White Walkers."
  5. In Topic: Game of Thrones: Final Season

    30 April 2019 - 09:41 AM

    Not sure how to feel about the episode.
    Getting a real Babylon 5 season 4 vibe from this season, the major overwhelming threat is over almost too-suddenly (Shadow/Vorlon war aka White Walkers) and now whats left is to handle affairs at home (Earth Civil war aka Cersei/Iron Throne).


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