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  1. Is this another reveal?

    24 April 2019 - 08:04 PM

    With all of the origin reveals and character call-outs, I may be overly sensitive. That said, I had only one thought when I read through this passage about Janelle, her twin brother, Janul, and their visit to the wax-witch, Rose.


    Kellenved's Reach, p190 (Kindle Edition) - Emphasis is my own

    The woman was scraping the pipe bowl. 'Do not think me simple, little ones.' She gestured to them with the pipe. 'You two are children of Shadow. Your master is set upon overturning every applecart he can reach. I do not approve of his methods, but I understand his motives -- how else is he to make room for himself, hey?'

    The twins eyed one another uncertainly.

    Rose waved a dismissal. 'Faugh. Do not worry. Your secrets are safe with me. I am just a simple wax-witch. Push and pull go the fates.' She walked off, repeating in a singsong voice, 'Push and pull.'

    The twins waited until she was out of earshot, then Janul asked, 'What did you learn?'

    Janelle nodded, and whispered, 'The tribes bicker as always, but they are close to moving against Itko Kan. All it may take is a push.'

    At that last word Janul frowned and glanced at the witch, who walked the shore now, hands at her back, puffing on the pipe. 'Very good,' he murmured, distracted.

    This isn't the origin story of Oponn, is it? I don't remember what MBotF has to say, except that apparently they were revealed to be the children of Sechul Lath in DoD.

    Is ICE just playing with us, or could it be possible that the twins actually ascended during or near the beginning of the Malazan Empire? Did Rose do more than take some of their years to add to her own?


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