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  1. In Topic: Tolkien

    30 June 2020 - 05:19 PM

    And right after I admitted I need a great lord of the rings edition for my shelves. It looks gorgeous, but does note fit together with my HOBBIT...

    I think I will look around if the red one that Salt Man posted unthread is still available...
  2. In Topic: Oh gods when will Peace Talks get here?

    29 June 2020 - 06:13 PM

    A couple of good points!

    Sadly, my ebook provider (a conglomerate of German book sellers) does not have these extreme sales (maybe I shouldíve gotten kindle, but I try to avoid amazon), so i will probably keep the Dresden files, as I sometimes do reread them.

    But I could purge large part of my storage, as I havenít reread many of them for a long time and honestly do not think I will do so (kids played a large part in getting them moved to storage in the first place, too. And having less time for reading! Along with a new job and moving to a city where space is simply far more expensive than on the countryside). Going forward itíll be only ebooks, except for special cases. I have a gorgeous version of The Hobbit! I need a lord of the rings to match, though.

    I have been completely convinced by the ebook after only a few months of using. Biting myself I did not switch sooner!

    It will take some willpower to part with so many books! Probably best to donate them, if our library is willing to take them.

    I have a weird relationship with earbooks. For the most part I only listen to them on really long drives, but there are a few I utterly love.
  3. In Topic: Oh gods when will Peace Talks get here?

    29 June 2020 - 05:05 PM

    So did you buy all the Dresden files you had as dead tree again as an ebook?

    Just asking because I made the switch to ebook just earlier this year and now am looking at this decision. Limited shelf space means roughly three hour this of my books are currently boxed up (so going ebook was long overdue) and it would make sense to replace them by ebook, but aside from the fact that letting go of my books is HARD I am leery of the expense.... Dresden files alone are 15 books already.

    Both Peace Talks and Battle Ground are preordered for ebook already.
  4. In Topic: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

    18 March 2020 - 08:42 PM

    I preordered for the early discount as well. And I am gonna watch ALL the clone wars (heard many good things about it, and I really enjoyed REBELS so I am quite hyped)
  5. In Topic: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

    18 March 2020 - 04:39 PM

    Canít wait for Disney + to start in Germany so I can watch the Clone Wars, as they are not available on DVD or blu ray any more (or only used but way to expensive)

    Rebels really got me into the animated Star Wars things so looking forward to Clone Wars.