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  1. In Topic: Holiday Hauls

    14 January 2022 - 01:17 AM

    I got an Amazon gift card for the holidays and bought the first two books in Ian C. Esslemont's Novels of the Malazan Empire.

    Night of Knives and Return of the Crimson Guard.

    I am wondering how I will like Esslemont's writing style versus Erikson's writing style.
  2. In Topic: The last book you read that was truly awful

    14 August 2021 - 09:13 PM

    I have tried to read Zadie Smith and don't see why so many people consider her to be so important. Her writing style seems flat and uninteresting to me.
  3. In Topic: NFL 2021 to Super Bowl 56

    07 June 2021 - 09:39 PM

    It seems to me that the Falcons should have got more for Julio Jones than just a couple of future draft picks. Well, maybe they have high hopes for Kyle Pitts and that's the future of the offense.
  4. In Topic: NFL 2021 to Super Bowl 56

    15 May 2021 - 05:05 PM

    As a Falcons fan, I really enjoyed that post. Otherwise, I wanted the Falcons to choose a star cornerback or safety in the 1st round of the draft, but they went with a tight end from the swamp called Kyle Pitts. Well, the Atlanta Hawks are going to make the playoffs -- so go Hawks!
  5. In Topic: What Album Impacted you the Most as a Teenager?

    09 March 2021 - 01:52 AM

    I guess I mean the one music album that really influenced you as a kid. For me, I can narrow it down to a few albums. Maybe some people don't want to narrow it down to one album or so. I also mean if the music somehow has a connection to the genre of fantasy then maybe that would be appropriate to mention as well.



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    15 May 2021 - 11:10
    You are most welcome. :)
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    15 Feb 2021 - 07:59
    happy birthday
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    07 Dec 2020 - 01:58
    Enjoyed reading the Schismatrix.
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