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  1. Why were the grey swords in lether?

    14 September 2021 - 01:50 AM

    (Read all the books so spoilers are fine)

    I never quite got why the Wolves sent Toc and the GS to Lether. Toc mentions they received visions of a battlefield where they would be needed, but that they chose the wrong battlefield and perished. That itself confuses me, couldnít the wolves be more clearer in their directions and actually TALK to the GS on their motives/intent rather than just sending them to a new continent with little guidance?

    Did the Wolves want Toc + GS to just kill some Letherii so it would assist Tavore and the Perish doing their own thing on the other side of the continent? Did they want Toc to contact Redmask (Toc mentions he was looking for the Mortal Sword of the KCKM). Did the Wolves even have a plan for them?
  2. Tavore's planning confuses me so much...

    28 August 2021 - 06:05 AM

    Malazan has a bunch of great story arcs and characters, but I must say, Tavore is a complete baffling enigma to me. While a lot of the subplots in Malazan require rereading and piecing together context clues and lines to build a good picture, her whole subplot with her plan to free TCG and how she knows what she does just can't be pieced together for me, even after rereads. At best, I get some of the picture but the rest is full of gaps and contradictions. Hopefully someone can help me out here.

    Getting Withal (The Bonehunters)

    First off, in The Bonehunters, there's the whole subplot with getting Withal, as he ends up being instrumental in RG as he breaks Rhulad's sword. There are two questions bugging me about this subplot:

    1. We learn Mael placed Withal in Malaz City to wait for Tavore. How does he know Tavore is coming for Withal?

    Either he knew in advance or someone told him. Which one it is eludes me.

    2. Who informs Tavore to get Withal?

    From Bottle and Kalam's POV, both say it's T'amber's advice/command the Adjunct is following for finding Withal. But if we assume this is true (and granted, it might not be because of unreliable POV), it's odd because how would T'amber (the Eres'al) know what Mael is up to? Did Mael ever contact her? Or do we assume she (Eres'al) knows literally everything about everything? If so this is just kinda dumb because if the Eres'al wanted to really help she could've just informed Tavore about every major roadblock she would face and there should have been no surprises for the rest of the story, yet clearly this is not the case.

    Alternatively, perhaps ST + C told Tavore and T'amber merely helped facilitate that goal. I find that a more grounded reason, but even then, there is a missing connection of how ST + C know Withal will be useful? That implies communication with Mael at some point...I can buy that I guess, but is there anything contextual that backs it up?

    Orchestration of Convergence (The Crippled God)

    Now, at the end of TCG we learn Tavore is a Talon. From that, many assume she is in contact with ST and/or C in some way.

    However, we also read in TCG that ST many times does not know what she's up to; even in the first chapter he is unaware where she is or whether she knows what she's doing. This makes it seem less like Tavore works FOR ST and C and more like she either is working alone or tenuously in tandem with them. Is there any evidence for which one it is?

    If she's working alone, then perhaps ST + C planned around her, but even then, this is story breaking towards the end because so many things rely in expert timing and coordination with Tavore. I can't believe ST + C, even with their brilliant minds and 4d chess planning, would leave such a pivotal thing to chance, much less have such an important piece (Tavore) unknown to them.

    Because of this, I feel ST + C, one or the other, had some communication with Tavore. Perhaps an exchange of intel throughout the books, an agreement of goals, a discussion on certain elements and tactics. Tavore is adamant at not being the gods' plaything, so I don't believe she would let herself be controlled or used by ST + C, but I could see her forging an alliance since the cause was so great, and her loyalty is to the Empire.

    But even so, I am still confused if this interpretation is right, as I see many say (whether on Reddit or this forum) that Tavore worked for ST explicitly and was in constant contact, even though it feels many moments in TCG refute this or at least weaken the frequency of said contact. Perhaps we could think Tavore was in constant contact with Cotillion?
  3. Why arenít there more of this powerful item?

    26 June 2021 - 04:25 PM

    Why aren't there more of this item?

    So in DhG the Trygalle Trade Guild gives Coltaine that bottle necklace that eventually is given to Duiker and helps revive him (as we see at the end of DhG and MoI). It was implied Quick Ben made the bottle (the TTG says it came from a mysterious Bridgeburners mage and that a dozen Ascendanrs wanted that mage's head, so QB is the only one who fits that description lol).

    My question though is I wonder, why doesn't QB make more of these to give to his fellow soldiers or friends in case things go awry? I'm guessing it's something that he can't make multiple of, or maybe requires extensive time/focus/magical resources that are limited, but I'm wondering if there's any explanation in the books.

    That would've really come in handy for

    BTW DhG is my favorite book so not trying to downplay it, this just genuinely confused/interested me. Any answers are appreciated.

    Edited Spoilers~Bubba
  4. Why didnít they just kill him at the last chaining?

    22 June 2021 - 06:22 PM

    Why didnít the gods kill TCG way earlier? Seems leaving him alive had way more drawbacks than benefits (I mean, he threatens the life of Burn and is responsible for most major events in books 3,5 and 7). Was there a reason no one thought to just kill him immediately in one of the past chainings?
  5. Confused about Hedge

    14 March 2021 - 02:13 AM

    So what was Hedgeís purpose during RG? He does mention he was aiming to find Starvald Demelain....but why though? Does it have to do with more info revealed in later books? I just donít really get what he was searching or aiming to do in this book.


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