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  1. In Topic: Avatar Sequels

    13 May 2022 - 03:38 AM

    I'm not hyped at all, merely interested in watching it.
  2. In Topic: Dune Remake

    12 May 2022 - 11:24 PM

    IMO Walken would've been much better suited to play Count Fenring.
  3. In Topic: The Turning of Quick Ben

    12 May 2022 - 08:08 PM

    Whenever I read the Malazan books, I always picture Quick Ben as looking like actor Peter Mensah.
  4. In Topic: Avatar Sequels

    12 May 2022 - 07:48 PM

    I never cared for the first movie and still don't, but this trailer has my attention due to the marine ecosystems, which seem like something out of the Horizon videogames.
  5. In Topic: Dune Remake

    12 May 2022 - 07:45 PM

    View Postamphibian, on 12 May 2022 - 07:32 PM, said:

    View PostQuickTidal, on 09 March 2022 - 01:39 PM, said:

    View PostContrarianMalazanReader, on 09 March 2022 - 06:59 AM, said:

    Florence Pugh is reportedly in talks to play Princess Irulan. I think she's an excellent choice.

    No longer just talks. She was properly cast last night.

    I'm also on board for the choice. I believe she very much can nail what Irulan is about.

    Shaddam and Irulan are supposed to be of Arabic descent. Shaddam is also supposed to look about 35 despite being 75+ due to tech and the "imperial genetics".

    We're not getting accurate casting and this set of casting decisions (Walken as Shaddam) is also removing some of the Arabic/Islamic context that permeates Dune the book.

    I like Walken and Pugh. I also think that they are not right for this role and that the film makers/casters are denting my enthusiasm for the movie.

    I don't recall the Corrinos' ancestry ever being brought up in the book.

    Shaddam IV is described as having red hair and blue eyes, and Irulan is described as having blond hair and green eyes, so at least Florence Pugh is a match.


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