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  1. A new Ascendant enters the fray

    23 January 2020 - 09:04 PM

    I recently finished reading "the opening chapter in a fantasy masterpiece", Gardens of the Moon. Fascinating! What more is there to be said? Only took 20 years to fall into my lap.

    Although I do have a gripe. There are few instances of information being conjured from thin air (at least from the reader's perspective). When characters go "off-screen" for a little while and return with some marvelous piece of information, and there are no clues as to how they got it, I am left reeling.

    In one instance, in Chapter Twenty, after Whiskeyjack and Adjunct Lorn have just spoken upstairs in The Phoenix Inn, Quick Ben says a strange thing: "Paran said she was going to drop something off [...]" Up until this point, there is absolutely nothing that suggests that Paran should know that Lorn is going to "drop something off". I re-read all the scenes involving Paran to confirm it. His full knowledge of Lorn's mission up until he meets the Bridgeburners is this: Lorn has a T'lan Imass, and she is probably going to kill the Bridgeburners. Surely not enough to draw this strange conclusion ....

    Also: typos! A reminder that your (soon to be our?) favourite author is but a human being. Sorry! There were three:

    1. "Tayschrenn launched another wave of gilden flames [...]" Chapter Two, during the battle against Moon's Spawn. Golden flames. There is gilded, 'covered with gold', but no gilden.

    2. Lost. Saw it somewhere between chapters three and ten. It really is there! I'm not crazy! I'll dig it up sometime ....

    3. "Leaving Mallet's tenement [...]" Chapter Eighteen, Meese is watching over Crokus and Apsalar while they sleep in the attic of The Phoenix Inn. Context suggests this should be "Mammot's tenement".

    Another also: the map seems a bit ... off? Captain Paran was said to be travelling through the Rhivi Plain on his way south to Darujhistan, yet the Rhivi Plain is drawn as being north of Pale. Could be that the plains extend to the Tahlyn Mountains and that Paran was not yet past them, I suppose.


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    08 Feb 2020 - 03:15
    BTW welcome to the board, hope you like it here. :)
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    08 Feb 2020 - 03:15
    You know how it goes - so many books, so little time. It's like having Netflix, HBO, Amazon etc all at once.
    But nice pickup ;)
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