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  1. Who were they looking for?

    22 April 2018 - 11:22 PM

    I got my mom into reading the MBOTF (another convert for us) and she just finished deadhouse gates. She asked me a question and i couldn't remember since its been a coupke yeara since I read it so I figured I'd ask you fellows for help.
    At the end of the book Gesler, Stormy and Truth are looking for someone on Aren way among the dead bodies. One of them comes back and Truth asks if they found the person and they say no. But then we have Mappo's internal monologue saying he knew he was lying.
    Who was the person they were looking for and why?
  2. NHL 2018-2019 Season

    12 April 2018 - 01:21 PM

    I find it very suspicious that so many people on here claim to be Canadian but there are no hockey threads to be found. Especially with all the crazy things that have happened this season.
    There must be some other people on here that follow hockey, so let's discuss!

    Pittsburgh thwomped the Phillies last night 7-0, Crosby gets a hat trick. Really hoping they don't take the cup again.

    Vegas is at the top of the league and now up 1-0 over LA, pretty crazy for a expansion team in their first year.

    How the Leafs are 100% definitely for sure going to win the stanley cup this year without a doubt.

    South-Canadians (Americans) and Overseas-Canadians (Everyone else) are welcome to comment as well.
  3. Grizzin Farl foreshadowing?

    21 March 2018 - 10:52 PM

    Hi everyone!

    This is my first post here, I found the malazan books a couple years ago and have just now finished reading through them all. I often came to this forum when I was confused about something and it's always been super helpful so thank you all!

    So I just finished reading FoL yesterday and while I was reading I found some interesting quotes relating Grizzin Farl to the broken up Forkrul Assail god in TMBoF. This takes place in the section when he is remembering his murder spree of the Forkrul and mentions how some of them now worship them as a god.

    Page 408 of the Bantam paperback version:


    He had stepped out from the Great Court as a child from a bloodied womb, painted in all the hues of justice, gasping at the shock of cold air as it swept in from shattered windows, with stained glass crunching under his feet and distant cries from the streets below.

    Page 411:


    A brief flash clouded Grizzin's mind as he saw himself reflected in broken glass, staggering from a place of slaughter.

    Page 413:


    Outside the tavern, in the street surrounded by the brittle city, the sky above looked strangely shattered, with dark and light and colours splaying out like shards, as if made by stained glass cast awry.

    Now I never really bought into the whole Grizzin Farl is the Forkrul D'ivers god in the desert thing before but when I read these parts it changed my mind. He mentions shattering multiple times and the Forkrul god was shattered into the D'ivers bugs. He also mentions shattered glass, the D'ivers god was in the Glass Desert. He sees himself reflected in broken glass, possibly foreshadowing his future self. He also mentions shards, which is one of the words Badalle uses to summon him in TCG.

    Let me know what you guys think.



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