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  1. Rugby World Cup 2019

    28 August 2019 - 06:15 AM

    Rugby World Cup starts in less then a month.

    I've just moved to Japan, and I've been hearing a lot about it. May end up watching a few games, not in person though. Tickets aren''t in the budget right now.

    Trying to learn a bit more about the sport. Talking to some Canadians and U.K. folks about it, nice way to connect with other foreigners living in Japan.

    Is anybody else planning on watching the cup? I hear America is pretty bad, however their 7s team can play. (Just what I've been told, I know jack shit)
  2. Podcasting

    02 May 2019 - 01:38 PM

    Cooking up a podcast for a few months now. I found the books very difficult to read the first time through, so I wanted to make a podcast to help folks with the details. I'm rereading the books, with two folks who have never read them. The idea is I should be able to help them in someway, but I certainly don't know as much as a lot of other folks round here.

    Should be about seven or eight episodes for Gardens of the Moon, and then DG.

    I know others have been posted like this before but just want to make something for new readers, try to bring folks in.. Probably not geared towards the crowd around this forum but figured I'd least notify people. I may try to do something more rereadish, you know talk about what I noticed my second time through.

    Give it a listen if you want.


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